"MagicLamp have exceeded our expectations in delivering the latest web site, multimedia and B2B social media technologies, they continuously provide value-added counsel that helped us develop a feature-rich site that ranks high in search engines, has tripled our web traffic and receives positive comments from employees, customers, investors and partners. Their CMS system is well-designed and easy to use."

Maxine Bingham
BLADE Network Technologies
An IBM Company
Santa Clara, CA

Web Design for eCommerce

Designing websites for eCommerce has a lot in common with designing for informational websites, but there are many additional factors, pages and user actions that need to be taken into consideration. Our web designers have the working knowledge and experience to build all of this in from the start, instead of adding it as an afterthought.

What do we cover?
  • Making shopping navigation more intuitive
  • Placing shopping actions in common positions in the site layout
  • Making sure conversion points are always obvious and above-the-fold
  • Getting customers through the checkout process faster

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eCommerce Website Design and Development
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