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Web Design for eCommerce

Successful eCommerce means getting all the details right from beginning to end. The truth is, almost anyone can build a cart checkout system. Is it going to work right? Is it going to have robust functionality? Is it going to satisfy your customers? These are questions you might not know you need to ask, but with MagicLamp, you can trust the answers will be yes.

All eCommerce clients want to make money. We know how to create sites that maximize your online potential and your profits. We will offer you guidance and expertise on everything from designing product detail pages that persuade users to click the add to cart button to speeding up order fulfillment systems, boosting customer satisfaction and repeat business. It's typical for our clients to see a 30-50% increase in profits within the first year of partnering with us.

We don’t just build eCommerce sites, deliver them, and walk away. We support you through every stage of your business's development by building, refining and sometimes even revolutionizing your online purchasing systems. Using tools like faceted classification, adaptable merchandising, individualized content management systems, and from-the-ground-up design, we give our clients business-specialized site control that you simply won’t find in generic web packages. Whatever you need for your business to run smoothly, we can do it.

We also offer complete post-launch support. Answers about the site after it's up and running are just a phone call away.

eCommerce projects take time to complete— more complex sites can require six months to a year of steady development. If your developer isn't committed to constant progress, your site is not going to happen. Perseverance is essential for eCommerce development, and MagicLamp's team has the experience and endurance to see your site finished the right way, no matter how much work all of the elements require.

Some of the things we can do:
  • Search engine optimization: Make your site appear high in search results like Google's.
  • Integrate your products with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  • Integrate Google Maps and Google Directions for retail locations.
  • Fully customizable layouts.
  • Mobile Device Optimization.
  • HTML5 for the best site speed and responsivity.
  • Direct-to-device digital product downloads.
  • Live Chat features for responsive customer service.
  • Real-time UPS and FedEx shipping quotes.
  • Secure credit card processing.
  • Include an easy site management system and train you and your staff to use it.
  • Design product pages for direct staff editing, with simplified input templates to reduce errors.
  • Fully integrate your current POS and inventory systems, with up-to-the-minute updates.
  • Provide an inventory manager for easy access to pricing and descriptions.
  • Report metrics via Google AdWords with conversion tracking and funnels.
  • Provide continuing technical support for site issues and questions.
  • Order fulfillment management with individualized order statuses for specific notes and instructions.
  • Customizable, automated order confirmations and tracked shipping notifications.
  • Branded invoices or packing slips with return policies.

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