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Bringing Simplicity to Complex Subject Matter: Radiography CE

Between X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and all the technology that makes them possible , radiography is a fairly complicated field. Couple the natural nuances of radiography with massive technological advancements caused by digitization, and the result is a need to educate radiographers in the new and upcoming developments in their field. Radiography CE, a program created by Digital Imaging Consultants, is designed to help practicing technologists and educational programs fully transition to digital imaging technology.

At MagicLamp, we specialize in building websites that complement their owners, so we worked closely with Radiography CE to find the best way to construct their web presence. As radiography education is nuanced enough on its own, Radiography CE required a useful streamlining of their web design. Through our work in WordPress, we were able to set them up with a site that simplifies the process of beginning an education.


Radiography CE was something of a unique development case for MagicLamp. Prior to working with us, Radiography CE was working with another who partially created the site but was unable to see it through. Fortunately, we were able to help them get the site back on track. Our WordPress experts worked not only to get the website up and running, but to complete Radiography CE's entire web presence by finishing out the small details that can make a difference in retaining visitors. The fully finished site is straightforward and allows visitors to quickly find information and customers easy access to learning materials. The website contains the standard Home, About, and Contact pages as well as a customized Learning Management System for customers.


While working in WordPress, there's no better way to build and ecommerce presence than WooCommerce. MagicLamp uses it for nearly every ecommerce project we undertake, as we believe it is the best and most versatile tool for the job. Radiography CE's business model is a testament for such versatility. They required an online store that could link directly to their Learning Management System, and through WooCommerce, MagicLamp was able to deliver. The online store operates simply and intuitively, allowing customers to focus on their lessons first and foremost.

Learning Management System

Considering the specific nature of radiography as a field, Radiography CE required a custom educational system in order to properly utilize the time of their customers. By working closely with Radiography CE, MagicLamp designed a Learning Management System (LMS) built to ensure that students get the most out of their experience. The LMS MagicLamp created for Radiography CE featured use of videos, online quizzes, and other educational resources to help customers take in and retain the information they learn. Additionally, LMS users can receive certification via the online program, further simplifying their education process and ensuring they can focus exclusively on the materials. Through use of our custom designed LMS, Radiography CE is able to see the progress they want to see in their customers.

Working with Radiography CE has been a particularly rewarding experience for all of us at MagicLamp. When we started this project, Radiography CE was stuck with an unfinished project, and now, they have a fully functional website, ecommerce presence, and educational system working as well as it can. At MagicLamp, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best possible service whatever their situation, and we thoroughly enjoyed helping and working with Radiography CE to improve their web presence.

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