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Though WordPress has a number of useful plugins, few are as valuable to growing businesses as the WooCommerce ecommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most widely-used eecommerce platform in the world, powering 39% of all online stores. It has been downloaded over 20 million times and is used for businesses of all different sizes with many different products. At MagicLamp, we use our ecommerce expertise to get your business get the most out of WooCommerce and can help you set up an online store that will drive online purchases.


With our WooCommerce skills, we can help you:

  • Increase your ecommerce sales & conversions:
    • Our clients typically see a 30% to 50% increase in web sales
    • Higher email subscription rates through promotions and special offers
  • Create an online store that is seamlessly integrated into your web presence
  • Access WooCommerce’ many beneficial tools


As the amount of ecommerce in Dallas grows, so does the importance of having a web presence that accommodates your customers. As Dallas’ WooCommerce experts, we have the skillset necessary to create an online store for your business that drives sales while still being reliable and visually appealing. Call or email us to chat about what our WooCommerce expertise can help your business accomplish.

In the progressively more competitive Dallas marketplace, a user-friendly online store can separate your business from the rest very quickly. We at MagicLamp know the importance of ecommerce reliability to both you and your customers, so we off our WooCommerce expertise to help you create an online store that perfectly matches your business.

WooCommerce is a highly customizable plugin that offers many features that can be used to run your ecommerce exactly as you see fit. WooCommerce can even be set up to offer custom shipping options. You can drop ship, offer free shipping, or make a real time calculation for a shipping cost with the WooCommerce platform quickly and easily. You can also direct your shipping efforts to specific areas in the world, allowing you to focus your business on certain regions if you don’t want to take on the cost of shipping to higher-cost areas.

In addition to the numerous shipping options, WooCommerce immediately gives you the ability to accept debit and credit cards along with other digital forms of payment. PayPal is easily accepted along with Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, Stripe and The latest iterations even allow ecommerce professionals to take Bitcoin.

By using a WooCommerce and WordPress dual platform, you also gain an additional level of security when you do business. WooCommerce helps you protect the important data of your customer base that you could be held legally responsible for if it is lost to the throes of a malicious hacker. WooCommerce offers additional security that can help you keep both your customers’ and your own data safe from internet threats.

Though WooCommerce offers a wide variety of different ecommerce options, it’s still a very easy to use plugin. Your WooCommerce custom theme provides convenience and usability to your customer base, while showing you plainly what tools you can utilize. The WooCommerce platform was put together with the developer in mind. The open course nature of the platform invites updates in real time. No matter how you upgrade your theme, the REST API of WooCommerce ensures integration with the industry standard services that you need to keep your business current.

At MagicLamp, we build websites that fit your company so you don’t have to adapt the way you do business to a new site. Our WooCommerce experts make sure that your business has the tools you need to run a successful online store with little difficulty. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities MagicLamp can help you unlock.

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