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Denton TX Web Design & Web Development

The view from MagicLamp's office downtown

Denton is a close-
knit community of free-spirited dreamers, doers, creators, and entrepreneurs that's always becoming a new tech-savvy creative hub. This town's special brand of bold, out-of-the-box style is right up our alley. MagicLamp has the gumption to do things our own way, too. When the typical way of building websites held us back, we threw out pre-written code and templates and started building sites ourselves from scratch. In the process, we've pioneered solutions to problems that other developers don't even know exist yet, and designed revolutionary, paradigm-shifting websites for internationally renowned businesses. To us, our clients are our partners. We walk you through every step of the development process, making sure you get exactly what you want. We're fun, creative, upbeat and always easy to work with. MagicLamp is an awesome choice for any business looking to create or update an online presence that fits their company vision and objectives.

Whether you've had a website before or not, we can give you the features, flexibility, and know-how to make your site a success. We'll help you identify your goals and design a site that's just right for you- no prepackaged layouts or one-size-fits-all templates here! Whatever you need, we can build it- from the ground up, if necessary. We'll even teach you and your staff how to run it yourself. We can update or redesign an existing site that needs some new pep, or build a completely new one that complements your natural workflow.

Denton is a place where locals celebrate and support each other, and we're proud to be part of this thriving community. Many big-name clients benefit from our services, but we're here for all sizes of businesses, even individual personal sites. Whether your project is small, large, or in the middle somewhere, we can equip you with the most effective online tools to accomplish your goals.

We own our web servers and infrastructure, which allows us a level of flexibility and accountability that few other web developers can achieve. We've created a broad range of sites, from simple blogs to product personalization interfaces and customized workflow systems. We even develop sites that connect to large-scale commercial infrastructures, ERP/EDI systems, and mainframes. Our do-it-ourselves approach gives our clients' sites a depth and scope only found at the top of the industry.

We've been making great websites for almost two decades, and our methodology is all about results, whether it be product sales or leads. We think you'll be very happy with the ways we can transform your business.

Our office is conveniently located right on the Square in Denton, at the corner of Oak and Locust. We'd love to have you over for a free consultation!



Why Choose MagicLamp Networks?

Results-Driven. Focused on Your Success.

We know that your website is a financial asset to your business. We're here to help you reach your business goals and get you the highest possible return on your investment. Our clients' ROI is how we measure our success.

Business-Specific Design.

We help you assess your business needs quickly and accurately, identify what sets you apart from the pack, and communicate it in ways that make clients listen. Because we build sites from the ground up, we can give you the most effective custom tools for marketing your specific products or services.

Complete End-to-End Services.

Don't have your own designer? Not sure how to word your mission statement? No problem. Whether it's branding, copywriting, or full-service technical support, MagicLamp provides everything you need to build a complete web presence.

Online Marketing Expertise.

We use current "white hat" SEO practices to push your site high up in search result ratings so you see traffic rolling in as quickly as possible.

Over 20 Years Of Client Partnerships.

We’ve been making websites since the internet was young. We build long-term relationships with our clients based on results. Many of our current partners have trusted us with their online success for over 5 years.

Websites that Work the Way You Do.

Our sites work the way you do, not the other way around. There's no need to change the way you already do business when you choose Magic Lamp. We’ll make sure your website complements your workflow without complicating it.