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What should a full-service digital marketing agency look like?

Marketing Objectives
  • Increase Sales Volume / Order Average
  • Increase Leads / Fill Pipeline
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Sales Enablement for High Touch
  • Improve/Protect Perception of Brand
  • Easier/Better Training Employees, Partners, & Customers
  • We make you look good to the people you report to
  • We give you time back to focus on other parts of your business
  • You will feel supported in every marketing context
  • You will feel empowered to grow your company
  • We build trust through execution, competency, innovation, and results
Defining Our Agency
  • Dream and Deliver - with multiple routes to get there
  • Culture of execution - see how we make things happen
  • We experiment: track everything, learn from every iteration
  • Creativity and technical chops - engineering creates components that art joins together in unique ways that solve marketing & business problems

What if you could add a marketing department to your organization for the cost of just one person?

Skills and Services

We have more than 20 years collective experience designing websites, ecommerce catalogs, custom web portals and mobile experiences.

Web Design Strategy

Solid web design is more than just aesthetics. Great design is a thorough consideration of the way visitors will use and experience the site. A well-designed website can elevate your company’s image to a real online presence, making business come alive in ways you’ve only imagined. We help clients build sites with dynamic interactivity that makes every visit rewarding for customers. An effective design might excite, impress, or reassure, but ultimately it should convince visitors to do business with you. MagicLamp can work seamlessly with your own designers or include all of your design needs in a comprehensive package.

  • Blogs, Articles, Press Releases
  • Email Marketing, Social Media Channels
  • Development of Brand Communications
  • Strategic, Market-Oriented Language

Content Marketing

Content can include photos, articles, music, videos, games, apps, and much more, and excellent content is what makes inbound marketing work. Content can be the vehicle you use to carry your brand message, and the lure that turns visitors into customers.

Content is what actually draws visitors to your site. 


For many sites, content is everything. It’s the foundation that holds up the whole enterprise. No matter what kind of business or website you have, visitors will judge you by the quality of your content. Having valuable, appropriate content is what separates high-ranking sites from spam in the minds of users and search engines, too. Great content is the #1 best way to bump up your SEO ratings, grow your traffic and your leads.

Our Web Development

How your site works and how visitors get things done on it. The back-end programming that powers your site’s functionality.

Sound web development. It’s the difference between a fast and slow site, the difference between good navigation and bad. The difference between happy customers and frustrated ones. Your website is only as good as your web developers, and our programming capabilities offer depth and scope you’ll only find at the top of the industry. We’ve developed a complete range of sites from simple blogs to product personalization interfaces and customized workflow systems. We also develop sites that connect to large-scale commercial infrastructures, ERP/EDI systems, and mainframes. We make sites that take your existing business processes and put them online. 

Find out more about our web development capabilities.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • On Site and On Page Optimizations
  • Inbound Linking Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Improves SEO
  • Social can amplify rankings

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Ranking your site high in searches is a big part of getting the results you want. Most people never read past the first 5 search results, let alone click past the first page. If you don’t make the top 10, your site may as well not exist to most users. Rating high in searches for your relevant keywords is absolutely essential to online survival today, and getting those high rankings is never just an accident.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
SEO involves fine-tuning your site’s content so it gets ranked higher and searched more thoroughly. We will design your site structure, titles, meta-data, content, and links in specific ways that make it easy for Google to recognize your site as relevant and important to users.

  • Google Ads & LinkedIn or Facebook Campaigns
  • Retargeting/Remarketing + ABM
  • Boost Posts on Social
  • Dollars prioritized into Content and Link Building
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linked In
  • Twitter

Solutions for your Business

We collaborate with you to create customized solutions for nuanced customer journeys.

  • CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Customer Journey Specification
  • Attribution, Segmentation and Routing
  • Copywriting and Content Development
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Bulk Email, SMS, and Direct Mail Delivery (Inbound)
  • SEO, Social, PPC, and Syndicated Content Channels (Outbound)

All eCommerce clients want to make money. We know how to create sites that maximize your online potential and your profits. We will offer you guidance and expertise on everything from designing product detail pages that persuade users to click the add to cart button to speeding up order fulfillment systems, boosting customer satisfaction and repeat business. It’s typical for our eCommerce clients to see a 30-50% increase in profits within the first year of partnering with us.

We translate your brand into useful, meaningful content.

  • Design and Develop Content that
    • Informs
    • Educates
    • Entertains
  • Web Copy/Blogs/Articles
  • Video & Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies & Whitepapers
  • Interviews, Events, and PR
  • Leverage Content Across Channels
    • A Single Title Turns Into:
      • Blog Post
      • Guest Article
      • LinkedIn / Facebook Post
      • Email Blast
      • Landing Page
  • Sales Enablement through training with tracks for sales reps and sales engineers
  • Customer Training with slides, videos or onscreen walkthroughs
  • Support portals with downloads filtered via permissions at company or user level
  • Full blown Learning Management Systems with quizzes, exams and fancy looking certificates
  • We make the portal fit your needs, not shoe-horn you into a predefined system

At least 91% of consumers check their email every day. That gives you a big opportunity to engage and build personal relationships with a huge number of customers. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques around. It’s still thriving because of consumers’ comfort and familiarity with their inboxes as well as the extreme flexibility of this kind of marketing. For high conversions and ROIs, email marketing ranks second only to search engines on the web.

Engage and interact with leads, customers, and stakeholders through:

  • List Building
  • Topic Specific Campaigns
  • Events and Webinar Promotions
  • Monthly Newsletters Retain Engagement
  • Repurpose Existing Content
  • Nurture Campaigns
Increase the quality and quantity of conversions from your site
  • Defining Conversion
    • Email Subscriber w/double opt-in
    • Phone Call
    • Form Submission
    • View Video
  • Tactics
    • Side Bar, Slide-in or Take Over
    • All templates have trackable phone number
    • Calls to action clearly define the next step

Gain meaningful insights from user data.

  • Site Traffic with Google Analytics 
  • Conversions
    • Traceable Phone Numbers(s)
    • Form Fills
    • Video Views
    • Goal Tracking in Google Analytics

Leadership We Provide

  • Direction & Innovation
  • Best Practices & Ethics
  • Mental Labor & Action
  • Experience & Guidance
Real World Outcomes
  • $1m annualized sales for tile company in one year
  • Grow B2C database from 100k to 500k in 3 years
  • Doubled Franchise Count in 3 years
  • Changed culture of client to improve employee retention
  • Grow fashion retailer to $12m/yr in 5 years

Do any of these stats ring your bell?

If you aren't sold on results, maybe you have a specific problem we can help you solve?

Critical Business Issue!

We want to do something with our website, but no one seems to know how to do it.

How do you differentiate an Agency?

  • Experience: 20 Years on the World Wide Web
  • 100+ Sites: know-how and execution
  • Flexibility: we aren’t afraid to move with you
  • Strategic: We’re a partner, not a vendor
  • Bottom Line: We want to help you win in the marketplace
  • Innovative: We can connect all the dots for you and tell you where they all are
  • Responsible: We’ll tell you when you should spend your money elsewhere
  • One Stop Shop: most agencies specialize (verticals or services)