Minneapolis Web Design

Seamlessly incorporate your company’s image into a thriving web presence

Frequently, new visitors’ first impressions of your business are made through your website. Whether they find you while searching for businesses in your field on Google or they are looking for your business specifically, accessible and intuitive web design can set your website and business apart from the rest. At MagicLamp, we specialize not only in ecommerce, but in creating user-friendly web experiences for your customers.

As your “go to” technology partner, MagicLamp’s team will Incorporate and utilize responsive WordPress and HTML5 web designs to:

  • Showcase your unique products and services within your image and branding style
  • Maximize the interactivity and conversions needed to improve your business’s online presence
  • Boost acquisition of visitors’ personal information and product preferences through the use of email subscriptions and conversion rate optimization best practices

Within Minneapolis’ robust business climate, well-designed and functional websites are invaluable in creating a standout web presence for your business. At MagicLamp, we make it our mission to give your business an edge through a visually compelling and complete web presence that works in tandem with your business.

Minneapolis Web Design

Whatever the nature of your business, MagicLamp has the expertise to help you stand apart from your competitors in the Minneapolis area. Our clients generally see increases of 30% to 50% in their ecommerce and enjoy a professional and aesthetically designed web presence.

A sturdy ecommerce presence has become a “must have” to compete in an increasingly global market. MagicLamp can launch your business’ site into the formidable hubs of fashion, entertainment, sports and other enterprises that can be difficult to breach. Whether you want us to work with your own in-house web developer or prefer we start from scratch and perform solo, MagicLamp’s team will supply the graphic and site mapping expertise to complement and contain all the tasks, functions and visual heat you need to make your site stand out.

Whether your company’s brand is more exclusive or standard in nature, MagicLamp professionally layers all desired components and features into a beautifully fluid, intuitively responsive environment that engages and persuades the site’s visitor to trust doing business with you.

Through each part of the design process, MagicLamp builds into your site:

  • Code from the ground up that corresponds to the functionality to best serve you and your customer
  • Customized WordPress plug-ins and incorporated WooCommerce toolkits for the most reliable online shopping carts
  • HTML5-based eShop designs for the fastest and most responsive online shopping experience possible
  • Enhanced site design that successfully displays on any mobile device including iPads, iPhones and tablets
  • Increased interoperability of popular Web 2.0 and social features like Google Maps, Facebook widgets and Twitter feeds

But MagicLamp’s work is still not done until every design element has been verified as a functional, cohesive part of your brand’s ecommerce site. All parts of your web design will be double and triple checked for ease of shopping cart transactions, optimized appearance and engaging, persuasive content and product displays.

Final brand site checklist for your eStore includes:

  • Universally device-adaptable graphics with clean, consistent color, typography, active links and repeatable movements
  • Fully operational online purchasing system with cross-indexing of each product’s attributes and custom merchandising options for adjusting prices and running specials
  • Full cycle of start to finish shopping cues, including tracking of orders and delivery of shipping notifications
  • Proven reliability of encrypted security protocols for privacy of all customer info and secure credit card processing

If changes or adjustments need to be made, MagicLamp will be there. Our attention and commitment to your online functionality and presence continues even after your site has launched. We recognize and want to facilitate your business-specific needs, so we measure our success by how well your site functions to increase your company’s ROI.

Depending on the complexity of your site’s interactivity and quantity of algorithms required, your site could require several months up to a year to develop, but MagicLamp’s team has the tenacity and expertise to launch your site the right way, no matter how much work it takes.

The beauty of adding a website to your business operation is that its character and look are not limited by brick and mortar appearances or geographical location. The freedom to become your best virtual self is the key to what MagicLamp’s web design offers you and, in turn, to your global market of online shoppers and visitors. Just as Minneapolis’ market has populated the internet with its diverse ecommerce sites, MagicLamp is ready to capture the same expansive marketing opportunities for your business that keep us the “Go To” web designer, in or out of Minnesota. We’re just a phone call or email away.

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