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Shopping is one of the top reasons people get on the internet. With the right back-end eStore web development team, you can have customers browsing, learning, and buying on your site for hours upon hours. With over 70% of our clients in the online retail industry, the development side of eCommerce is an area where we really stand out.

Beyond Custom Websites

When we first started learning about eCommerce, we noticed that the average eCommerce website was a lot like all the other ones out there. A lot of estore web developers will simply copy another site’s code and recycle it with their own client’s content to churn out cookie-cutter websites. That might be OK for some people, but we wanted more for our clients- we wanted to give them websites that worked way, way better for them than just “average.” We didn’t want to be boxed in by someone else’s design. We wanted customers to have exceptional experiences on these sites, ones that would stand out in their memory and get them coming back again and again. So, we threw out the idea of templates and recycled code. We started building websites from the ground up, beginning from scratch, and that’s how MagicLamp was born. These days, our ability to develop websites this way really pays off because
we can give our clients practically anything they want. To say our sites are customized really doesn’t go far enough. They’re more custom than almost anything out there. Being able to fully realize your visions online without having to compromise is a big deal. Imagine what it would be like to design an original site that makes your customers proud to say they shop on it. A website that people get excited about. We can help you make it happen.

“…We Can Give Clients Practically
Anything They Want in a Website.”

Excellent User Experiences = Higher Revenue

What do customers look for when they shop online? Being able to find exactly what they want is a shopper’s number one desire. Faceted classification is the name for the back-end programming that allows customers to refine their searches by specifics and browse exactly the type of products they’re looking for. Being able to search for items and narrow them down by individual attributes is a big plus for shoppers. Have you ever found yourself shopping online and thought, “Gee, I wish I could sort these by _______ (size, date published, arch support level…)”? Since we always use faceted classification when we develop for eCommerce inventory, we can slice and dice your product catalog by as many item features as needed, and code each one of your products with the right tags so they come up in searches along with others that share the same properties.
> Read more about how faceted classification works on our blog.

When you delight your customers, they buy more from you. Ingenious features that make your site a pleasure to shop on are often the thing that makes one site stand out from the pack and retain loyal fans.

As your estore developer, there are some features we can outfit your site with:

  • Customer product review interfaces, so visitors can read, comment, and share their own reviews.
  • Easy inventory sorting with as many intersecting categories as you need.
  • High resolution, photo-quality product images with detail-magnifying zooms.
  • Interactive product previews, including video tours.
  • Descriptive, professionally written product descriptions.
  • Precise product specifications.
  • Integration with facebook, twitter, email campaigns, and complete digital marketing solutions.
  • Retrievable favorites lists and shopping cart save-for-later features.
  • Automatic pop-up email sign up for out-of-stock products- customers enter their email address to be contacted when the product is restocked, re-engaging them back into the site.
  • Links and images of similar or related products shown with each item.
  • Smooth, intuitive navigation structures that guide customers clearly.
  • Hassle-free integrated payment systems with PayPal, debit and credit card processing.
  • Emailed order confirmations and shipping confirmations build trust with your customers.
  • Automated shipping systems to get your orders out lightning quick.
  • Customer support instant chat windows and call center integration.
  • And more

We can also integrate a site with your current shopping cart software, if you’re happy with it already, and connect interfaces like Magento or Volusion right into the structure of your new website.

Simplify Your Life

If you find time-sucking, tedious administrative or maintenance tasks eating up a lot of your time every day, there are many ways we can help. We can make those irritating little jobs a lot faster and easier, and even automate them so you never have to think about them again. For example, if you’re updating your inventory lists every morning, typing products into your admin area one-by-one, we can help you out by reconfiguring your CMS so you can batch upload products via a single spreadsheet in just a few minutes. We can do the same with photos and any other big, boring jobs you’d like to eliminate.

It's about making your eCommerce site work like you do, not the other way around.

Your time and focus are your most precious assets, and we can help you put them back where they belong- steering your visions, not getting caught up in mundane maintenence tasks. Let us put your site to work for you, so you can get back to the kind of work that only you can do.

Free Expert Technical Support

When you need any help or have questions after your site’s launched, you’ll be able to contact us anytime and get a quick personal response.

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