WooCommerce and WordPress

WordPress is well known as a social platform; however, it is also one of the best Internet platforms for commerce as well. Many people do not utilize WordPress for its relatively easy interface that facilitates commerce. When combined with the ecommerce platform wooCommerce, WordPress takes on an entirely new level of performance. Here we will take a look at how WordPress and wooCommerce work together to give business webmasters the ability to reach customers conveniently and professionally.


WordPress Custom Themes

The wooCommerce platform is not necessarily one of the WordPress custom themes; it is a plugin that provides access to a wealth of new themes and commercial tools. The wooCommerce plugin is completely free, so there is no barrier to entry other than the learning curve of the user.

WordPress works seamlessly with wooCommerce, and it is quickly becoming the commerce platform of choice for many small business webmasters. As a matter of fact, a full 30 percent of all online stores are powered by a wooCommerce platform. You can literally sell anything from this platform, including physical goods. The wooCommerce platform gives you intuitive defaults that allow you to sell different iterations of products, instant downloads and many configurations of your user interface. You even have the ability to sell affiliate goods.

You can drop ship, offer free shipping or make a real time calculation for a shipping cost with the wooCommerce platform quite easily. You can also direct your shipping efforts to certain areas in the world if you do not want to take on the cost of shipping to certain areas around the world.

Most importantly, wooCommerce immediately gives you the ability to accept debit and credit cards along with digital forms of payment. Paypal is easily accepted along with Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, Stripe and Some of the latest iterations also allow e-commerce professionals to take Bitcoin.

You also gain an additional level of security when you do business on a wooCommerce and WordPress dual platform. WordPress does not come with a security solution of any note, but wooCommerce helps you to protect the important data of your customer base – data that you may be held legally responsible for if it is lost to the throes of a malicious hacker.

The custom theme that we will develop with you will reflect the unique needs of your business and the will of your targeted customers. We have the web designers that will help you with the aesthetic of your WordPress site while losing none of its efficiency.

WordPress Plugin Development

The wooCommerce platform gives you access to some of the more advanced commercial plugins for WordPress on the market. You can easily change the look of your user interface, change the extensions that you use and switch other settings as you decide. For instance, an incredibly popular and free WordPress theme that is available only to users of the wooCommerce platform is Storefront. Users who download Storefront gain access to even more commerce plugins that may speed up an online economy by eliminating plugin conflicts and prioritizing speed.

We can help you develop your commercial platform by helping you find the plugins that are most relevant to your business. There are always new and more efficient ways to create commerce through a more efficient user interface. We have the ear to the street that you do not have the time to cultivate. Your updates will come naturally and proactively when you partner with us to do your ecommerce.

WooCommerce Custom Themes

Your wooCommerce custom theme is the final step that will provide convenience and usability to your customer base. The wooCommerce platform was put together with the developer in mind. The open course nature of the platform invites updates in real time. No matter how you upgrade your theme, the REST API of wooCommerce ensures integration with industry standard services that you will need to work with.

You need a custom theme that will grow with your business. There are currently over 300 extensions to the wooCommerce platform, and you can choose from any of these in order to improve the experience of your customers.

Whether you need integration with Google Analytics, increased security and data encryption for sensitive information or just a new way to invoice your packing slips, we will help you choose the custom theme that gives you the most bang for your buck. If you want to change your custom theme at any time, you can call us immediately to change it.

WordPress and wooCommerce are the platform for your commercial website. We are the catalyst that puts the juice in your platform.

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