The Value of Customized Web Design: KidsPark

At MagicLamp, before we start working on a client’s new website, we like to spend time getting to know them and understanding their goals thoroughly, so the web design matches their personality and purposes upon completion. KidsPark is a large chain of day care centers that emphasize cooperation, socialization, listening skills and motor development for kids from preschool to elementary school age. They have locations all over the US and offer preschool education, art tables, and play areas, all supervised by a team of experienced and energetic staff.

Because of the prominence of consumer research on the web, distinctive web design is more important than ever, and it can be a defining building block for any business’ identity. When we started working with KidsPark, we saw a unique opportunity to use web design to create a site that conveyed the fun and excitement they cultivate in each location, emphasizing their best qualities in building their web presence.

The Possibilities of a WordPress Design

As always, WordPress afforded us a wide array of tools and resources that we were able to use to build KidsPark’s colorful, multi-faceted website. Because KidsPark has many locations scattered around the country, we decided to use the site to give each location their own character. The multisite configuration gives each of the different locations their own page with the specifics (opening and closing times and age ranges) of each location thoroughly outlined. In order to ensure that every location displays the correct information, we also included a way for franchisees to directly update their page with new details, so they can make updates quickly and easily.

Because of the nature of KidsPark’s business, we really got to have fun on the web design. The site is bright and lively, and we were able to include a great deal of custom graphics and animations. We designed the site with fun in mind, and we really enjoyed getting to work on the custom drawings that make up the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Within a field as competitive as day care for children, the need for high search rankings can’t be overstated, especially within sizeable cities like Fresno or the DFW area. Through SEO best practices, we targeted the cities in which a KidsPark is present, and used their individual pages to boost their search rankings. We specialize in using SEO to create tough competitors within any industry, and through our SEO expertise, we were able to help KidsPark appear as a top result.

Working with businesses as principled and important as KidsPark is really a treat. It’s sometimes a bit strange to think of web design and web development as being a part of bolstering healthy childhood development, but through these principles, MagicLamp was able to help KidsPark on their mission to encourage young children’s developmental skills and education. We feel very proud and honored to help with such a noble pursuit, and we wish KidsPark all the best in their further endeavors.

Creating a Virtual Showroom: Lights Fantastic Pro

If there’s one thing we learned from working with Lights Fantastic Pro, it’s that high-quality lighting is fast-paced and nuanced industry. Keeping up with rapidly-changing trends is an important part of any lighting company, and the people at Lights Fantastic Pro have mastered the art of navigating and succeeding in the lighting industry. Working with what we learned about the lighting industry, MagicLamp set out to build Lights Fantastic Pro a cutting edge but comfortable web presence that would showcase their quality products and keep them in touch with ever-important design trends, all while retaining a high level of functionality so as to manage their expansive catalog. Making the most of our wide array of available tools, we were able to build a site that exceeded our expectations.

WordPress and WooCommerce

Working within WordPress continues to be one of the best decisions we can make when building high-performance websites. WordPress affords us a myriad tools and plugins that allow us to create fully customized and optimized websites, and when seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, Eccomerce really starts to take flight.

Lights Fantastic Pro’s website is designed specifically to fit their premium brand, with a tastefully simple appearance that doesn’t betray its functionality. It includes a large gallery to display the many uses of their lighting, an about page with information on their showroom, a vast catalog of products made simple through WooCommerce tools. All of this was done within a theme MagicLamp custom built for Lights Fantastic Pro.

Custom Theme and Mobile Support

With products as delicate and subtle as lighting, Lights Fantastic Pro and MagicLamp agreed that a custom theme was definitely in order to properly showcase their offerings. We worked to build a theme that enhanced the natural beauty of lighting while retaining a professional air.

Use of the custom theme also extended to mobile. By using a custom theme, we were able to carefully tailor the website’s mobile presence to fit Lights Fantastic Pro’s needs and style. Our mobile design transfers the style of the full web design to any phone, simplifying mobile browsing and shopping.

Catalog Management

Lights Fantastic Pro boasts a massive and varied catalog of different lights, ranging from industrial to small residential pieces, but with the flexibility of WordPress and WooCommerce, we created a fast and navigable catalog that makes Ecommerce easy. Through careful plugin choice, plugin optimization, and optimized load times, we were able to build a performance-oriented website that serves to bolster Ecommerce while retaining the elegance present within the lighting industry.

MagicLamp is proud to partner with Lights Fantastic Pro to help them take a new step in their business. Maintaining a solid web presence is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, so we work hard build and maintain quality websites for our clients. We’re excited to see the increases to Lights Fantastic Pro’s Ecommerce and web presence, and we look forward to everything the future holds for their business!


Website Upgrade for Riad Tile: WooCommerce + Custom Freight

When presenting products that prominently feature visually appealing design, a visually appealing website to match can be every bit as important as the products themselves. At Riad Tile, each and every tile is handmade by craftsmen who create their gorgeous patterns and deep coloration. Riad Tile’s products are painstakingly crafted and designed, and they required a web presence that would be able to demonstrate this level of mastery. MagicLamp was able to deliver by using graphics and web design to build a site that showcases Riad Tiles’ beautiful products while utilizing the power of WordPress to create a useful ecommerce presence.


The idea that WordPress is the best tool for the job is proven time and time again at MagicLamp. Riad Tile required a unique site that showed off their stunning products and featured a customized ecommerce platform to cater to their freight shipping methods. Through WordPress, MagicLamp crafted a website that accomplished all of Riad Tile’s web goals.

The Riad Tile site is thoroughly modern and welcoming, using subdued but inviting web design to frame Riad Tile’s stimulating tile designs. The simple one pager style works brilliantly to display Riad’s offerings and personality. The site contains a home page, an ‘About’ section, a shop, installation notes, and a contact form, all without seeming too busy at all.


At MagicLamp, we build custom solutions to fit the specific needs to different businesses, and WooCommerce allows us the freedom needed to do so. Due to Riad Tile’s unique shipping methods, they required an ecommerce presence catered very specifically to them. WooCommerce gave us the ability to create a platform for Riad Tile that met all of their requirements and merged seamlessly with the rest of the site. Through WooCommerce, MagicLamp was able to craft an ecommerce presence that simplifies the purchase process, putting customers at ease.

Custom Freight Integration

Because of the weight and size of their shipments, Riad Tile cannot simply ship their products via UPS or FedEx. Because everything must be shipped by freight, Riad Tile wanted a way to help their customers calculate shipping costs, and MagicLamp was happy to oblige. We created a custom WordPress plugin that utilized a number of different parameters in order to provide the lowest possible shipping quote to customers upon checkout. By integrating this plugin to the WooCommerce, we were able to provide the high level of customer care that Riad Tile wanted.

Custom Samples

Riad Tile’s products are elegant and impressive, so they require the best possible showcasing in order to do them justice. MagicLamp worked to craft visual samples that demonstrate the excellent and unique qualities of each individual style. From Allegro to Zanzibar, MagicLamp’s WordPress design ensures that each tile is properly displayed to visitors.

Riad Tile obviously works hard to build the best and most beautiful products they can for their customers, so we made sure that their care and attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed. Through WordPress, we were able to craft a site that shows off Riad’s dedication to artistry, all while building a custom ecommerce presence to cater to the unique needs of Riad Tile and their customers.

Keeping an Ear to the Ground: AARP Hearing Care Website

Hearing loss is no small problem to tackle. According to AARP Hearing Care, some 40 million Americans of all ages suffer from some degree of hearing loss, but many cases go unidentified. With this relatively common problem in mind, MagicLamp knew we had our work cut out for us. We were tasked with creating a website that used a visually-engaging design style to draw in viewers as well as craft a successful ecommerce presence. We chose to work through WordPress and WooCommerce to help the AARP Hearing Care Program reach their audience and spread their important message of healthy hearing as far as it would go.


When creating professional but aesthetic sites, there really is no better web creation tool than WordPress. There are plugins for just about any purpose and a great deal of freedom when it comes to design options. MagicLamp believes WordPress is truly the best tool for the job, so we use it as frequently as we can when developing new sites.

Our WordPress design for AARP Hearing Care is colorful and lively, but doesn’t sacrifice usability. We designed the site to bring a bit of lightheartedness to the idea of aural health through use of vibrant images, colors, and banners. The site includes pages on hearing health, hearing aids, various hearing products, and news regarding advances within aural care. MagicLamp’s WordPress design uses inviting visuals to draw in visitors and easy navigation to direct them where they need to go.


While the WordPress design is of the utmost importance in order to retain visitors, another factor that can’t be overlooked is the value of functional ecommerce. Having an online store that works quickly, simply, and securely is an invaluable part of any successful online business, so MagicLamp worked to create an ecommerce presence that fulfilled these parameters.

When crafting an online store, we find that the best tool for the job is WordPress’ WooCommerce tool. It’s one of the most widely used ecommerce tools for good reason, as it can be used to build just about any type of online store. Our WooCommerce design was able to accommodate and organize AARP Hearing Care’s wide array of products, allowing for a seamless purchase experience for customers. Through use of the many WooCommerce tools and plugins, MagicLamp was able to create an online store that is fully integrated with AARP Hearing Care’s web presence.

At MagicLamp, we devote our energy to crafting the perfect website for our clients’ often unique needs. AARP Hearing Care required an engaging site design with an ecommerce presence to match. Through our years of experience in WordPress and WooCommerce, we were able to build a site that ensures all visitors enjoy their experience and return for further information and purchases.

Getting to work with AARP Hearing Care to help improve aural health nationwide was privilege that we at MagicLamp truly enjoyed. We work hard to use our web development skills to showcase the best qualities of our clients, and creating a site for a business that offers services as important as hearing care was an exciting and rewarding experience.

A Clean Look to Match Minimalist Golf Swing

ecommerce web design

The people behind Minimalist Golf Swing have truly thought of everything. Their program, the Minimalist Golf Swing System, is a merger of decades of professional-level golf experience, advanced kinesiology, and technology that intuitively instructs users on how to drastically improve their golf game. Needless to say, creating an online face for a company with such complexities as Minimalist Golf swing presented a unique challenge for MagicLamp, a challenge we were happy to meet. Through WordPress, were able to build the perfect website for Minimalist Golf Swing, and by using web design and WordPress plugins, we were able reveal some of the qualities that make Minimalist Golf Swing such a unique business.


WordPress remains our top choice for developing and designing custom websites. Through its wide array of tools and its easy customization, MagicLamp is able to build websites that seamlessly function as an extension of an existing business. Minimalist Golf Swing was no exception.

The Minimalist Golf Swing WordPress design is simple and, appropriately, minimal. Despite the minimalist design, the site is full of useful information and helpful diagrams, allowing visitors to get a taste of the Minimalist Golf Swing System. Using the online store to purchase learning materials is quite easy. The site contains an About page, the online store, testimonials, a blog full of tips and interesting information, and a News page. Our WordPress design truly captures the essence that Minimalist Golf Swing works to cultivate.


When creating online stores, there’s no better tool than WordPress’ WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most widely-used ecommerce platform in the world, powering 39% of all online stores. Minimalist Golf Swing offers a very specific selection of online lessons, and WooCommerce was the perfect way to build their store. With the versatility offered by WooCommerce, we were able to build a simple and intuitive online store that showcases Minimalist Golf Swing’s products and makes it easy for visitors to make purchases.

Learning Management System

As an educational resource, Minimalist Golf Swing required their website to be able to support some rather unique functions. MagicLamp was able to work with them and design a Learning Management System for their customers. A Learning Management System is an aggregation of videos and online quizzes aimed at ensuring the success of Minimalist Golf Swing’s customers. Through the Learning Management System, Minimalist Golf Swing is able to ensure their materials are understood, making sure that the customers see the progress that they desire.

MagicLamp thrives on the success of our clients. Through our WordPress design, WooCommerce expertise, and meticulously crafted Learning Management System, we were able to help Minimalist Golf Swing attain the level of ecommerce they desired while ensuring that their website has a professional and modern appearance. MagicLamp’s WordPress design was built with visitors in mind. It is clear and simple, and materials are quickly and easily accessed with no hassle whatsoever. This visitor-minded design makes certain that visitors to Minimalist Golf Swing can find exactly what they’re looking for, ultimately increasing their amount of ecommerce and further establishing their business.


Fresh Juice, Fresh Online Face: Everyday Nectar

Everyday Nectar is a dream come true for every juice enthusiast, healthy living fan, or appreciator of all things delicious. They use local, organic ingredients to make a wide variety of delicious juices, smoothies, and juice shots, and are conveniently located in downtown Denton, TX. When they asked MagicLamp if we could help them craft a web presence to show off their products, we happily obliged. After all, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?


The new site MagicLamp built for Everyday Nectar was designed in WordPress, affording us all of the tools and plugins we could possibly need. Though the site has a professional appearance and is easily navigated, we made sure that it doesn’t lose Everyday Nectar’s friendly and down-to-earth nature. The WordPress site features and About page, an updateable Juice of the Month feature, a clear and navigable Menu to show off their drinks, and one pager to give visitors a quick rundown of Everyday Nectar. Through our WordPress design, we were able to build a site that effectively demonstrated Everyday Nectar’s values and dedication to freshness.

Custom Theme

With a business as unique and vibrant as Everyday Nectar, a templated website simply wouldn’t do. MagicLamp worked to create a website structure that would complement the presence Everyday Nectar worked hard to build in its Downtown Denton destination. Through our creation of a custom theme, we were able to accomplish just that. The WordPress custom theme was designed with visitors in mind, giving them a sense of Everyday Nectar’s atmosphere without having to search too much. The website is designed to be as clear, concise, and visually-appealing as possible.

One Pager

In order to make the website as clear as possible, we made use of a one pager. The one pager was designed to draw the eye of visitors and included information about Everyday Nectar, the Juice of the Month, a coupon, and their menu. By adding a one pager, we made certain that the information Everyday Nectar wanted their online visitors to see is easily accessible and easily viewed.

Full Menu of Juices

Everyday Nectar has a large number of distinct juices and smoothies, all made of many different fresh ingredients. MagicLamp was able to build an area on their site that allowed them to display their juices all in one place. Each juice, from Pear-fect to Tropic Thunder, has every ingredient listed. The different types of drinks even have their own sections, such as Fresh Juice, Smoothies, Shots, or Cold-Pressed juice.

Optimized for Local Searches

Everyday Nectar has some truly delicious juice, and we want as many people to know as possible. As a local business however, it wouldn’t do them much good to heard of by juice fans from across the globe. In order to maximize their traffic, we had to focus search engine optimization very specifically to draw in local business.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project for all of us at MagicLamp. We enjoy nothing more than helping small businesses see the level of success they want, and we so loved spreading the word of Everyday Nectar even further. Because again, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?

Creating a Modern Web Presence for a Local Bank: PointBank

There are few things more gratifying than helping out your local community. PointBank’s been doing it over 100 years, and now MagicLamp can proudly say that we’ve partnered with them in their efforts. In creating a modern and fully integrated website for PointBank, we’ve been able to take part in building them a web presence that shows off just how much they care about their community on a personal level.


Our new site design for PointBank was completed in WordPress, allowing us to use the numerous tools and plugins WordPress offers to create the perfect site for PointBank. Our WordPress design included a useful mobile design, a Loan Calculator widget aimed at making the loan process a bit more approachable, SEO optimized copywriting, a custom locations widget with all bank locations mapped out, and WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance levels, all on a custom theme we created specifically for PointBank.

Mobile Web Design

Probably the best way for a local business to ensure it has a good relationship with its surrounding community is through accessibility and good communication. With this in mind, MagicLamp created a new, user-friendly mobile platform to ensure that mobile viewers land on comfortable, easily-navigated site. The new mobile site allows viewers to get a very clear view of how much PointBank cares for its community, carefully demonstrating that it is indeed a “people bank.”

Custom WordPress Theme

As both PointBank and MagicLamp know, every business is unique. While PointBank acknowledges this through their flexibility and desire to help local businesses succeed, we show it by designing not just a custom website, but a custom theme to create a truly distinct web presence that showcases PointBank’s dedication to their customers.

Loan Calculator Widget

Let’s face it, going online to figure out loan specifics can be more than a little bit difficult and certainly a bit intimidating. PointBank recognized this and asked us to design a loan calculator widget that would enable their visitors to figure out at least the basics of their loan. This makes the loan process a good deal more accessible and less daunting by showing some real figures so viewers can have an idea of what expect before entering into the loan process.

Locations Widget

The locations widget plays a key role in crafting PointBank’s online image.  At the bottom of each page, the widget simply and clearly shows off the various PointBank branches, their hours, and contact information. It even shows which branch is closest to the visitor. The locations widget allows visitors to see that PointBank has branches across much of Denton County and is viable banking option for anyone living in that area.

SEO Content Writing

What good is even the best web design if it doesn’t show up in Google search results? Through search engine optimized content, we were able to secure PointBank’s position as a top search result without sacrificing the usefulness good content writing affords.

WCAG 2.0 Compliance

You don’t have to take us at our word when we call the new PointBank site user-friendly. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has certified the PointBank with the highest possible rating of AAA according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), meaning that the site flawlessly demonstrates all the key characteristics of a functional, well-designed website.

MagicLamp is proud to be partnered with PointBank in their community-oriented approach to banking, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with a business that cares so deeply about the people around it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our relationship with PointBank!

Bringing Simplicity to Complex Subject Matter: Radiography CE

Between X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and all the technology that makes them possible , radiography is a fairly complicated field. Couple the natural nuances of radiography with massive technological advancements caused by digitization, and the result is a need to educate radiographers in the new and upcoming developments in their field. Radiography CE, a program created by Digital Imaging Consultants, is designed to help practicing technologists and educational programs fully transition to digital imaging technology.

At MagicLamp, we specialize in building websites that complement their owners, so we worked closely with Radiography CE to find the best way to construct their web presence. As radiography education is nuanced enough on its own, Radiography CE required a useful streamlining of their web design. Through our work in WordPress, we were able to set them up with a site that simplifies the process of beginning an education.


Radiography CE was something of a unique development case for MagicLamp. Prior to working with us, Radiography CE was working with another who partially created the site but was unable to see it through. Fortunately, we were able to help them get the site back on track. Our WordPress experts worked not only to get the website up and running, but to complete Radiography CE’s entire web presence by finishing out the small details that can make a difference in retaining visitors. The fully finished site is straightforward and allows visitors to quickly find information and customers easy access to learning materials. The website contains the standard Home, About, and Contact pages as well as a customized Learning Management System for customers.


While working in WordPress, there’s no better way to build and ecommerce presence than WooCommerce. MagicLamp uses it for nearly every ecommerce project we undertake, as we believe it is the best and most versatile tool for the job. Radiography CE’s business model is a testament for such versatility. They required an online store that could link directly to their Learning Management System, and through WooCommerce, MagicLamp was able to deliver. The online store operates simply and intuitively, allowing customers to focus on their lessons first and foremost.

Learning Management System

Considering the specific nature of radiography as a field, Radiography CE required a custom educational system in order to properly utilize the time of their customers. By working closely with Radiography CE, MagicLamp designed a Learning Management System (LMS) built to ensure that students get the most out of their experience. The LMS MagicLamp created for Radiography CE featured use of videos, online quizzes, and other educational resources to help customers take in and retain the information they learn. Additionally, LMS users can receive certification via the online program, further simplifying their education process and ensuring they can focus exclusively on the materials. Through use of our custom designed LMS, Radiography CE is able to see the progress they want to see in their customers.

Working with Radiography CE has been a particularly rewarding experience for all of us at MagicLamp. When we started this project, Radiography CE was stuck with an unfinished project, and now, they have a fully functional website, ecommerce presence, and educational system working as well as it can. At MagicLamp, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best possible service whatever their situation, and we thoroughly enjoyed helping and working with Radiography CE to improve their web presence.

Building a New Type of Shopping Experience: Intnt

Though the world of online shopping has drastically improved and is more far reaching than ever before, there are still all kinds of unexplored possibilities waiting to be discovered. Intnt is one of those businesses that are built solidly on innovative ideas, like their Text to Shop service. Intnt allows its users to send text messages out asking for advice on retail purchases, and then links the users directly to retailers who make recommendations based on what they asked for.

The prospect of working with such a forward-thinking business was exciting for all of us at MagicLamp. Considering Intnt’s tech-based business model, we were thrilled to work with them to fulfill their unique needs, so we designed a custom website and mobile design to fit their one-of-a-kind personality.


With a product as technology-heavy as Intnt’s Text to Shop, a healthy web presence is incredibly important. While a solid web presence is necessary to support such a product, it’s also instrumental in inspiring confidence in visitors and customers. WordPress was once again the perfect platform to develop an ideal web presence.

MagicLamp crafted a simple but informative site that shows visitors what Intnt is and how to use it. The site is completely inviting and draws visitors in with clear explanations and friendly graphics. Simplicity works to Intnt’s advantage, effortlessly explaining such new concepts as shopping by text. MagicLamp’s WordPress design features a home page, an overview, and extremely useful FAQs page, a page to connect with retailers, and a sign-up for the Beta. This site is just another example of how our efforts are always well spent working in WordPress.

Web Design

When working with a brand new idea, making sure the website that represents it is cutting edge in appearance is almost as important as the product itself, especially to visitors. We kept this idea prominently in mind while creating the website, and we are quite happy with how the visuals turned out! The most important parts of the website are easily accessible and each visual component is designed to draw the eye the proper place. The modern aspect of Intnt is represented well by our design, making sure visitors are comfortable and free from the frustration of difficult navigation.

Mobile Friendly

Considering that Intnt’s system is called Text to Shop, a mobile friendly site is certainly a pretty important part of their business, and though mobile friendly sites are increasingly necessary, they can still sometimes be hard to come by. We at MagicLamp are committed to creating the perfect web presence for our clients, and for businesses like Intnt, a big part of that is the mobile design. Our mobile design allows visitors to easily view and navigate every part of Intnt’s site with ease. It transfers the intuitive design of the desktop site seamlessly into the mobile format.

Working with innovators like Intnt is always a pleasure, as is getting to play part in new products and services like Text to Shop. We found it to be a rewarding and fascinating experience, and we look forward to our partnership with Intnt as they continue to grow.