DragonFly Designs: Where Creativity Meets Fun

The people at DragonFly Designs believe that there are few experiences more rewarding than helping kids explore their creative side. They spend a great deal of time sharing their love of the arts with kids of all ages by teaching new artistic skills in classes, private events, camps, and parties.

DragonFly Designs started as a small jewelry business before its owner, Stacee Gillelen, realized that she enjoyed sharing and teaching her skills and began offering classes. What started as a few jewelry making classes rapidly gained traction and now, DragonFly Designs offer classes in disciplines as wide-ranging as painting, textiles, dance, yoga, and even organic gardening in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. In addition to the classes, DragonFly Designs began offering camps to help kids learn about new artistic pursuits.

While DragonFly Designs tells a true success story, rapid growth can be challenging to manage. With increased popularity comes the need for quick and easy booking and a web presence that inspires confidence and is easily navigable. We at MagicLamp were able to provide all of these and more to DragonFly Designs, helping them manage their impressive rate of growth while continuing to grow.

WordPress and WooCommerce for Booking Management

At MagicLamp, we work hard to tailor each web design to meet the specific needs of the client. In this case, we used the WordPress design to evoke a sense of fun and lightheartedness, matching the DragonFly Designs’ ideals and values. The site includes many photos and testimonials, all geared toward showing how beneficial the arts can be for children.

Because of DragonFly Designs large quantity of different classes, camps, and private events, reliable Ecommerce is a must-have, especially because a mistake in booking could lead to some pretty big inconveniences for potential customers or even lost business. In order to mitigate any problems, MagicLamp custom-built DragonFly Designs’ party, class, and camp registration system with WooCommerce to ensure that it operated within the specific parameters that they required. As one of the tope Ecommerce platforms in the world, WooCommerce is fully integrated with WordPress, which makes for a seamless transition from browsing to shopping. By using WooCommerce for booking, we were also able to set it up in the same Ecommerce system as the rest of DragonFly Designs’ products, allowing customers to purchase products, sign up for classes, and check-out all in one place.

Add-Ons, Upgrades, and Bundles

Because of the custom, single check-out system we enacted through WooCommerce, we were able to include a feature that offers suggested purchases upon check-out. This minor addition increases DragonFly Designs’ sales by helping customers discover additional products they might be interested in and offering them at the point of purchase.

At MagicLamp, we’re always grateful when we get to partner with an organization as caring and kindhearted as DragonFly Designs, and we love helping them meet their incredibly important goals. Taking part in the introduction of the arts to people’s lives is an immensely rewarding experience that we deeply enjoyed.

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