Building a Reliable, Optimized, and Customized Site: LeanData

When building any website, creating actionable solutions is of the utmost importance. At MagicLamp, we like to focus on uncovering our clients’ unique needs and pain points to build a site that complements their business instead of attempting to redefine it. This became especially important when working with LeanData, who specialize in creating actionable, data-driven solutions for their own clients. With this in mind, we began to build site featuring many custom elements with the goal of creating a site that fully conveys the benefits their products offer. Through custom plugin optimization, vibrant WordPress design, and our team’s experience, we were able to build a site that exceeded all expectation!

Sleek WordPress Design

If ever there was a project that required the myriad of options offered by WordPress, this was the one! LeanData supports a vast quantity of go-to-market strategies, including account-based marketing, account-based sales development, and geo-based territories. Their collection and application of data for sales is extremely precise, so we wanted to capitalize on that precision and use the site to promote it.

The resulting website has a clean look with plenty of space to showcase each unique benefit and solution. Due to the vast quantity of benefits offered by LeanData, we carefully delineated each part in a clear and concise way. We wanted everything to appear as accessible as possible to help potential customers fully grasp LeanData’s products.

Custom Plugins Galore!

LeanData’s unique business model required an accordingly unique web presence, so we worked hard to build it for them. MagicLamp designed custom plugins for LeanData to help them convey the benefits of their products. LeanData specializes in tracking and generating sales leads, but their platform has many moving parts, necessitating custom plugins to ensure constant high performance.

Our custom plugins are fully integrated into the LeanData WordPress design, allowing for a more completely customized web presence.

Plugin and Load Time Optimization

With any custom site, performance reliability can be something of a challenge, so we thoroughly combed through the site to ensure optimal performance on every single page. Each landing page is totally optimized for load time, ensuring a higher visitor retention rate and creating new customers.

Due to the number of customized plugins present in LeanData’s site, plugin optimization also had a high priority. We focused on making certain that each plugin works at its highest capacity, giving the website a unique and functional look and feel.

Support for Landing Pages and Email Templates

Additionally, the LeanData site offers support for both Unbounce and Marketo for landing pages and marketing emails, respectively. Unbounce gave us the power to optimize each individual landing page, while Marketo provided LeanData with a number of marketing email insights and automation tools. Both of these adaptable tools will certainly come in handy with any future updates to the site!


LeanData provided us with an opportunity to create a unique site that functions in a unique way. We were able to use our creative side to build a site truly like no other, and we enjoyed every step of the process!

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