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Email Marketing & Click Bots

Many corporate email systems now employ software (what I am calling click bots) that analyzes the links in any given email to determine if the email violates rules or policies, in addition to whether the email might be spam. Part of that analysis is visiting any/all links in an email and looking at the content … Read more…

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Sleek and Simple Web Design

Though many of the websites MagicLamp designs are vast and complex, requiring custom page designs, custom plugins, unique ecommerce solutions, and optimized load times, we frequently build simpler websites for small businesses and for our clients’ personal use, like blogs and portfolios. We really enjoy working with less labor-intensive clients, as simple websites often provide … Read more…

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Building a Reliable, Optimized, and Customized Site: LeanData

When building any website, creating actionable solutions is of the utmost importance. At MagicLamp, we like to focus on uncovering our clients’ unique needs and pain points to build a site that complements their business instead of attempting to redefine it. This became especially important when working with LeanData, who specialize in creating actionable, data-driven … Read more…

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DragonFly Designs: Where Creativity Meets Fun

The people at DragonFly Designs believe that there are few experiences more rewarding than helping kids explore their creative side. They spend a great deal of time sharing their love of the arts with kids of all ages by teaching new artistic skills in classes, private events, camps, and parties. DragonFly Designs started as a … Read more…

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The Value of Customized Web Design: KidsPark

At MagicLamp, before we start working on a client’s new website, we like to spend time getting to know them and understanding their goals thoroughly, so the web design matches their personality and purposes upon completion. KidsPark is a large chain of day care centers that emphasize cooperation, socialization, listening skills and motor development for … Read more…

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