The Value of Customized Web Design: KidsPark

At MagicLamp, before we start working on a client’s new website, we like to spend time getting to know them and understanding their goals thoroughly, so the web design matches their personality and purposes upon completion. KidsPark is a large chain of day care centers that emphasize cooperation, socialization, listening skills and motor development for kids from preschool to elementary school age. They have locations all over the US and offer preschool education, art tables, and play areas, all supervised by a team of experienced and energetic staff.

Because of the prominence of consumer research on the web, distinctive web design is more important than ever, and it can be a defining building block for any business’ identity. When we started working with KidsPark, we saw a unique opportunity to use web design to create a site that conveyed the fun and excitement they cultivate in each location, emphasizing their best qualities in building their web presence.

The Possibilities of a WordPress Design

As always, WordPress afforded us a wide array of tools and resources that we were able to use to build KidsPark’s colorful, multi-faceted website. Because KidsPark has many locations scattered around the country, we decided to use the site to give each location their own character. The multisite configuration gives each of the different locations their own page with the specifics (opening and closing times and age ranges) of each location thoroughly outlined. In order to ensure that every location displays the correct information, we also included a way for franchisees to directly update their page with new details, so they can make updates quickly and easily.

Because of the nature of KidsPark’s business, we really got to have fun on the web design. The site is bright and lively, and we were able to include a great deal of custom graphics and animations. We designed the site with fun in mind, and we really enjoyed getting to work on the custom drawings that make up the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Within a field as competitive as day care for children, the need for high search rankings can’t be overstated, especially within sizeable cities like Fresno or the DFW area. Through SEO best practices, we targeted the cities in which a KidsPark is present, and used their individual pages to boost their search rankings. We specialize in using SEO to create tough competitors within any industry, and through our SEO expertise, we were able to help KidsPark appear as a top result.

Working with businesses as principled and important as KidsPark is really a treat. It’s sometimes a bit strange to think of web design and web development as being a part of bolstering healthy childhood development, but through these principles, MagicLamp was able to help KidsPark on their mission to encourage young children’s developmental skills and education. We feel very proud and honored to help with such a noble pursuit, and we wish KidsPark all the best in their further endeavors.

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