Web & Internet Infrastructure

MagicLamp Networks has built an IT infrastructure to meet the business demands of high uptime for eCommerce websites and

  • Web, Email & Database Servers: We host our servers to provide flexibility and accountability within our organization. This also ensures that if there is a problem, it is within MagicLamp’s capabilities to fix it.
  • Co-location Facilities: MagicLamp’s main datacenter is located in San Jose, California, in a 50,000 square foot facility maintained by Switch & Data, North America’s largest neutral peering provider. The main datacenter meets carrier-class requirements for connectivity, power, cooling, and security.
  • Carrier-Grade Internet Connectivity: Servers and other equipment are connected to 10/100 Mbps ethernet pipes with access to multiple Gigabit Ethernet peering networks for growing demands. With SLA’s meeting five 9’s for availability, you can be assured of uptimes for your website and services. Off-site 3rd party monitoring services alert us by pager and cell phone should connectivity be broken, and staff is available 24/7 to address issues.
  • DMZ & Backbone Networks: Our datacenter and WAN networks are configured for maximizing throughput for the most demanding applications while reducing the security attack surface by moving support services to private Gigabit and 10Gig-E networks.
  • Local & Remote Backup Services: We host onsite and offsite servers for handling backups and can move hosting for our entire infrastructure within a matter of hours, providing built-in business continuity planning that can handle even the most intimidating natural disasters.
  • Support & Monitoring Services:
  • Specialized Application Hosting
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