Email Marketing

How Can Email Marketing Help You?
At least 91% of consumers check their email every day. That gives you a big opportunity to engage and build personal relationships with a huge number of customers. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques around. It’s still thriving because of consumers’ comfort and familiarity with their inboxes as well as the extreme flexibility of this kind of marketing. For high conversions and ROIs, email marketing ranks second only to search engines on the web.

Why Email?

  • Significantly cheaper and faster than postal delivery. How long would it take you to print, fold, and stuff 10,000 mailers in envelopes? You can send that many emails with one click.
  • Bigger results- much higher response rates and average order values than traditional mail.
  • Easy to track results- see your exact ROI with built-in metrics that calculate open rates and CTR along with subscriber purchases.

Our largest current email list, for our client Duraflame, reaches over 250,000 subscribers with coupons, sweepstakes, and other promotional offers. Duraflame consistently sees soaring returns with every campaign.

Email marketing has a big advantage over other forms because you’re following up with known contacts, people familiar with your brand who want to hear from you.

According to the Direct Marketing Association,
66% of consumers make purchases online because
of an email marketing message they received.”

Wait a second, isn’t this just like SPAM?

No way. Email Marketing is totally different from SPAM. The difference is all about consent.

The people on your email marketing list actually requested your emails! They signed up specifically to have you market products or services to them. Email marketing does not mean sending spam to random people. It means delivering a tightly focused, highly relevant message to people who’ve given you permission. Email content can include newsletters, upcoming events, new content announcements, product updates, coupons, sweepstakes, promotions, and much more.

Well-designed email marketing should grow meaningful relationships with your customers. It gives participants the feeling of being an “insider” with your company by keeping them updated on your latest news, offering special deals, pre-release product selections or other opportunities not available to the general public.

Email has become the primary channel that
consumers use (and prefer!) to manage
interactions with commercial entities.

The element of choice makes consumers much more comfortable doing business with you. If you’re looking for a solid foundation for your direct marketing programs, look no further. The inbox is where the vast majority of customers are willing to engage with brands.

When your customers can’t opt-out of your campaigns, or never actually opted-in, that’s when you cross the line into spam. All legal and ethical email marketing includes a one-click optout option, usually in the footer section, for people who don’t want to be on the list anymore. MagicLamp will ensure your email campaigns fall well within legal guidelines. We keep in touch with all of the major ISP’s, and we follow California’s CAN-SPAM laws governing mass emails (which are some of the strictest anti-junkmail laws in the world) so you can be sure your messages will get through.

There’s really no benefit in sending mass emails without the recipients’ consent, anyway. It automatically degrades your brand’s image, and customers are much more likely to buy from companies with trustworthy presentations.

How Do You Get Email Addresses and Build a List?

MagicLamp uses proven techniques to build quality address lists quickly.

Here are a few ways we do it:

  • Adding a “receive special offers and promotions” option to your checkout page so that current buyers can add themselves automatically.
  • Marketing subscriptions within transactional emails, like order confirmations, password resets, and shipping statuses. Transactional messages have nearly a 100% open rate, presenting a great opportunity to engage customers by extending the benefits of an email relationship.
  • Adding disclaimers to assure subscribers that you will protect their information and privacy, and then keeping that promise. Visitors can be hesitant to give out email addresses or other personal information if you don’t offer them some assurance first.
  • Building in systems that check email addresses and verify you’re getting real leads from real people, not just spam.
  • Connecting you with software that automatically handles subscriptions and cancellations, detect and/or remove undeliverable addresses.

We can also integrate your website with campaign management services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, VerticalResponse, iContact, and Campaign Monitor and guide you toward the ones that will fit best with your company.

List-Building in Action:

Our client Pose Prints wanted to amp up their email newsletter membership, so we installed a new feature on their site. When visitors land on Pose Print’s homepage, an instant pop-up automatically offers visitors an instant 25% off promo code as a gift for entering their email address and joining the newsletter mailing list. We use the same technique for several of our other clients, too, and it’s a tool that’s growing quickly in web popularity right now. Pop-up subscription offers are attention-grabbing, low risk, and they actually work: in the first month of trying it out, Pose Prints’ sign-up rates jumped 1400%.

Your contact list is a valuable commodity, and it’s actually easy to collect email addresses from people who are enthusiastic about your company once you have the right strategies. What’s trickier is really putting that information to work by executing successful campaigns that connect with your customers and motivate them to buy from you.

How Do You Make Emails that People will Read, and
Campaigns that Actually Work?

Successful email broadcasts are a lot like conversations. First, you get permission to enter into a dialogue, then you offer up useful, interesting content, and finally, you listen to responses and feedback.

Things your Email Should Have:

  • Compelling subject lines, so people will open your messages.
  • Content that your audience actually wants to read, so they don’t get bored and unsubscribe.
  • Handcrafted, personal, well-written web copy.
  • Strong, engaging incentives to buy from you.
  • Clear calls to action that tell your readers what to do next and where they should click!
  • Links that detect visitors’ device type, so they’re taken to an appropriate page that looks good on their screen when they click. (You don’t want to take mobile users to your regular desktop site, for example, if it doesn’t look good resized on their iphone.) Even though 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices, only 11% of email campaigns are optimized for mobile. We can make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

We can also program your campaigns to go out at optimal times of the day or week, when open and click rates are statistically higher.

If needed, we will conduct A/B variant tests on your subject lines, that will tell you which content your readers respond to best, and connect your campaigns with other metric tools to calculate results and sharpen your messaging.

We recommend email marketing to all of our clients as a simple, yet powerful way of keeping customers active and engaged.

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