Content Marketing

Content can include photos, articles, music, videos, games, apps, and much more, and excellent content is what makes inbound marketing work. Content can be the vehicle you use to carry your brand message, and the lure that turns visitors into customers.

Content is what actually draws visitors to your site.

For many sites, content is everything. It’s the foundation that holds up the whole enterprise. No matter what kind of business or website you have, visitors will judge you by the quality of your content. Having valuable, appropriate content is what separates high-ranking sites from spam in the minds of users and search engines, too. Great content is the #1 best way to bump up your SEO ratings, grow your traffic and your leads.

What Does "Quality Content" Really Mean?

  • Your site is full of clear, relevant information that your visitors find useful.
  • Your content is completely original, with new, interesting information or ideas that visitors ideally won’t find anywhere else.
  • If your content is old news, no one will talk about it or link to it. Definitely no cutting and pasting from other sites!
  • Your content doesn’t have a hint of coercive or annoying sales tactics. In fact, it should sound like you’re speaking directly to each visitor like a fellow human being, instead of delivering a generic marketing pitch. Quality online marketing inspires and persuades with integrity.
  • Your site has embedded interactive media. Gone are the days when text and links were all you needed. A website really pops when users can get immersed with videos, slideshows, photos, reviews and any other media that’s appropriate to your business.
  • You’ve had your site reviewed and edited several times to clarify what’s genuinely relevant and important from a user’s point of view- and to get rid of what’s not.
  • Your content is updated often- if you have a blog, you post new articles at least once a week.
  • You deliver exactly what your content promises, so that you gain trust from customers and the search engine robots.

We can amplify your content by leveraging it into your social media, too. When you roll out new pieces, they can link into all of your social outlets- tweet the page link on Twitter, paste an excerpt on Facebook, or share it with your LinkedIn network. We can even automate this process for you, so you don’t have to use your time to post on every social network individually- new content gets pushed through to all of your media channels at once the moment you release it.

Content Marketing In Action: Opening Ceremony’s Blog

NYC staple fashion retailer Opening Ceremony was doing content marketing before there was even a name for it with their innovative blog articles.
In 2009, when we launched OC’s eCommerce site, their blog wasn’t as prolific or well-known as it is now, but they did take care to run it well, posting current, interesting content with a professional aesthetic that garnered a relatively small but engaged readership.

That work paid off big for OC when we launched their eCommerce site. Their blog fans were already primed to become customers; converting that traffic to sales was immediate and the orders rolled in.

Today, OC gets considerable revenue from their blog traffic because they’ve continued to invest seriously in developing the content. They’re constantly generating new ideas for stories and publishing 2-3 new articles every day from multiple staff authors (and sometimes celebrity guests), featuring quality photos and copywriting on the latest in NYC culture, fashion, travel, and trends. The Opening Ceremony blog has grown into a unique resource that readers simply won’t find anywhere else, making it an extremely powerful asset to the company.

To accommodate OC’s rapid content output, we built them a site with a Content Management System (CMS) that gives them the freedom to update their blog, homepage, and product pages with new material as frequently as they like, giving them the power to keep up with the company’s hip, fresh image.

With decades of copywriting, web content and search marketing experience, Magiclamp Networks can help you create vital, relevant content that enhances the value of your website. From full-feature sites and comprehensive content refreshes to promotional landing pages and copy for your SEM programs, Magiclamp Networks will make you stand out in the crowd.

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