Successful eCommerce web site design means getting all the details right from beginning to end. The truth is, almost anyone can build a cart checkout system. Is it going to work right? Is it going to have robust functionality? Is it going to satisfy your customers? These are questions you might not know you need to ask, but with MagicLamp, you can trust the answers will be yes.

All eCommerce clients want to make money. We know how to create sites that maximize your online potential and your profits. We will offer you guidance and expertise on everything from designing product detail pages that persuade users to click the add to cart button to speeding up order fulfillment systems, boosting customer satisfaction and repeat business. It’s typical for our eCommerce clients to see a 30-50% increase in profits within the first year of partnering with us.

We don’t just build eCommerce sites, deliver them, and walk away. We support you through every stage of your business’s development by building, refining and sometimes even revolutionizing your online purchasing systems. Using tools like faceted classification, adaptable merchandising, individualized content management systems, and from-the-ground-up design, we give our clients business-specialized site control that you simply won’t find in generic web packages. Whatever you need for your business to run smoothly, we can do it.

We also offer complete post-launch support. Answers to any questions about the site after it’s up and running are just a phone call away.

eCommerce projects take time to complete— more complex sites can require six months to a year of steady development. If your developer isn’t committed to constant progress, your site is not going to happen. Perseverance is essential for eCommerce development, and MagicLamp’s team has the experience and endurance to see your site finished the right way, no matter how much work it takes to bring all of the elements together.


Build Your Traffic

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Make your site appear high in search results like Google’s.
  • Integrate your products with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  • Integrate Google Maps and Google Directions for retail locations.


Integrate Essential Features

  • Fully customizable layouts.
  • Mobile device optimization.
  • HTML5 for the best speed and responsivity.
  • Direct-to-device digital product downloads.
  • Live Chat for responsive customer service.
  • Real-time UPS and FedEx shipping quotes.
  • Secure credit card processing.

Simplify Your Workload

  • Include an easy site management system and train you and your staff to use it.
  • Design product pages so that you can edit them directly, with simplified input forms to reduce errors.
  • Fully integrate your current POS and inventory systems, with up-to-the-minute updates.
  • Provide an inventory manager for easy access to pricing and descriptions.
  • Report metrics via Google AdWords with conversion tracking and funnels.
  • Provide continuing technical support for site issues and questions.


Make Shipping Easy

  • Order fulfillment management with individualized order statuses for special notes and instructions.
  • Customizable automated order confirmations and tracked shipping notifications.
  • Branded invoices or packing slips with return policies.


eCommerce Web Designer

Designing a professional and functional eCommerce website is the cornerstone of any successful online business. Your online store gives web shoppers their first impression of the level of service they can come to expect from your business. Hiring an eStore website designer is a must as a way to create an authentic reflection of your brand. With MagicLamp Networks, you can rest assured, you’re hiring an eCommerce website designer who will satisfy all of your requirements.

Why Do You Need an eStore Web Designer?

With free website builders inundating the web, you may assume anyone can employ the tools needed to create a reliable online shopping cart system. However, many shopping cart systems are riddled with problems if not designed and installed correctly. And when your web store isn’t working right, there’s nothing stopping shoppers from moving on to a new, more dependable vendor.

We will start from square one when building your eStore. We use a collaborative process in order to determine the best design to use in production. Once we are ready to start the actual design, we’ll look closely at how each product page can maximize clicks. Our end goal as your eCommerce web designer is to make your business more profitable.


What We Offer for eCommerce:

  • Web traffic building. We use search engine optimization techniques and social media integration to get your products and services seen online.
  • Fully customizable eStore layouts. Our layouts are optimized for mobile devices and we offer specialized features such as real-time shipping quotes and live customer chats.
  • Editable web pages. Simplified formatting allows you to make any changes to your eCommerce site at any time.


eCommerce Web Development

Our eCommerce web development team will deliver you more than just a cookie-cutter design that has been used time and time again by your competitors. Unfortunately, other eStore developer firms often copy the same code over and over again when launching a client’s new website. This not only makes your eStore appear unoriginal, but the duplicate code may be penalized in search engine results.

MagicLamp Developers aim to create a user-friendly experience with highly searchable web pages. As part of your eStore web development experience, we’ll use the correct tags to categorize your entire product inventory. Tags help ensure that your products will appear in search engine results.


Here are a few examples of how our ecommerce web developer staff can help your business:

  • Upgrade your website to allow for a more social experience. Visitors will be able to comment, share, and write reviews on your products and services.
  • Seamlessly sort and categorize your inventory using our eStore tools.
  • Provide professional and polished eCommerce listings. Photos uploaded to the site will appear in crystal-clear high definition. Product pages can be interactive with slideshows and video tours.
  • Assist with the integration of your web store with social media sites. Our eStore developer staff will make certain you can easily share all of your products and marketing campaigns via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.



It’s time to give your customers what they’ve been asking for: a modern, tech savvy eStore with all of the features they desire when shopping online. An eShop’s goal is to make money and if you don’t have a responsive storefront, you’re going to lose business in droves. With our ecommerce design and development team, we will create a final product that will make your store see a surge in both sales and returning customers.

We pay close attention to detail for every eCommerce site project we work on. We won’t toss together a sloppy design just to get an eShop up and running quickly. We only use the latest eShop tools in the industry to enhance customer experience. We want your web store to look flawless whether your customers shop for your products via their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Our job doesn’t end with final delivery of your eCommerce store either. We will provide technical support and help with report tracking long after your eShop is live.


Benefits of Using Our eCommerce Services:

  • We specialize in custom WordPress plug-ins. We have installed WooCommerce toolkits to enable online shopping carts on already established WordPress websites.
  • We use HTML5 in our eShop designs. This creates the fastest and most responsive online shopping experience possible.
  • Allow us to customize everything and anything within your eStore. We can do more than custom layouts and themes. We can adjust the way orders are tracked on your website and how shipping notifications are delivered.
  • Keep your eStore safe and secure. Online shoppers are consistently concerned about their privacy. We use highly encrypted security protocols for secure credit card processing.


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