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As experts in web design, web development, and ecommerce, we at MagicLamp know the importance of using the best web tools for the job, so we use WordPress designs to increase and improve web presences for businesses. WordPress is one of the most versatile design and development tools on the market, and it allows us the flexibility needed to build you the perfect website.

Our expertly-built WordPress websites can offer you:

  • Effective, reliable ecommerce via the wooCommerce plugin
  • A customized website that stands out from your competition
  • Easy access to your site so you can make quick changes

In the rapidly-changing market, an optimized WordPress website is the perfect way to stand out from your competition. As WordPress experts, MagicLamp has the experience necessary to take your company’s web presence to the next level. Call or email us to chat about what our WordPress expertise can help you accomplish.

In the ever-growing online market, having a user-friendly website has become an essential part of doing business. As specialists in WordPress designs, we at MagicLamp can build the ideal website for your business. On average, our clients see an ecommerce ROI increase of 30-50%. Whether you’re running a small business out of your home or you’re the head of an established company, we have the development skills you need to increase your business.

WordPress is one of the most popular commerce and development platforms for many small business webmasters. As a matter of fact, a full 39% of all online stores are powered by WordPress’ WooCommerce platform. The WordPress platform gives you access to some of the most advanced commercial plugins on the market, and you can easily adapt the look of your user interface, switch the extensions that you use, and change other settings as you see fit.

Among the most popular and useful WordPress plugins is WooCommerce. One of the most widely used ecommerce platforms on the market, WooCommerce gives you intuitive defaults that allow you to sell different iterations of products and instant downloads as well as utilize many configurations of your user interface. You even have the ability to sell affiliate goods. WooCommerce can also unlock other WordPress tools for your business, such as the WooCommerce platform Storefront. Users who download Storefront gain access to even more commerce plugins that may speed up an online economy by eliminating plugin conflicts and prioritizing speed.

At MagicLamp, we design websites that match the way your company functions, so you don’t have to worry about changing the way you go about conducting business. Our expert WordPress designs will reflect the unique needs of your business as well as catch the eye of visitors and customers alike. Our web designers can help you create a functional, reliable WordPress website with a streamlined, modern design. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities MagicLamp can help you unlock.

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