Web Development

Our Web Development Techniques

How your site works and how visitors get things done on it. The back-end programming that powers your site’s functionality.

Sound web development. It’s the difference between a fast and slow site, the difference between good navigation and bad. The difference between happy customers and frustrated ones. Your website is only as good as your web developer, and our programming capabilities offer depth and scope you’ll only find at the top of the industry. We’ve developed a complete range of sites from simple blogs to product personalization interfaces and customized workflow systems. We also develop sites that connect to large-scale commercial infrastructures, ERP/EDI systems, and mainframes. We make sites that take your existing business processes and put them online.

No matter how large or small your company, we will make your site adapt to you instead of asking you to change the way your business works.

We don’t just design sites to work well on their own, we also configure them to interact with other sites and online resources like Facebook applications, Twitter feeds, FedEx and UPS real-time shipping quotes, secure credit card processing, and the full range of Google services, allowing your site to connect to the rest of the web automatically.

We don’t just create great sites; we develop them in ways that integrate your business into a complete web presence.

Some Of The Things We Can Do:

  • Complete site customization. We will make it do whatever you need it to do.
  • Optimize your site for search engines like Google so you get better rankings in search results.
  • Integrate other online services and APIs to connect your site to the rest of the internet.
  • Optimize site functionality for eCommerce or Content/Lead Generation.
  • Make your pages fast-loading and responsive with Flash-free HTML5 and no-refresh navigation.
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad, including tablet orientation awareness.
  • Include an accessible Content Management System (CMS) for your site and train you and your staff to use it, so you can make changes to content and products whenever you want.
  • Integrate video playback with MP4 and movie file conversion.
  • Integrate targeted portal functionality into your website for Partners, Distributors, Customers, or your own internal staff
  • Create websites or web applications that move your workflow onto the web.
  • Use state-of-the-art technologies such as HTML5, MP4, H.264, XML, PHP, AJAX, Flash, jQuery, ASP.NET, JSON, MySQL, SQL Server, and FLV, among others.


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