Increasing Tourism Through Web Development: Visit Tri-Valley

There are truly no limits to what solid web development can accomplish. At MagicLamp, we’ve seen it help businesses grow, bring attention to many worthy causes, and launch new technologies and ideas forward in ways that previously seemed impossible. Web development is valuable tool that can be used to accomplish just about any goal, and there’s nothing we love more than exploring the possibilities web development unlocks.

When the Convention and Visitors Bureau in California approached us about building a tourism site for the Tri-Valley, we couldn’t wait to use our web development experience on such an exciting challenge. Our goal was to build site that would be helpful to visitors, represent the area accurately and effectively, and bolster web traffic, so we rolled up our sleeves and put our web development and design skills to work.

The Many Possibilities of WordPress

Fortunately for MagicLamp, the Tri-Valley is a gorgeous and vibrant area, so we had a lot to work with. The real challenge was organizing the incredible amount of events and activities and condensing them into something that visitors could easily browse. Through our WordPress design, we were able to place everything into different, navigable sections in the “Things to Do” tab. The “Things to Do” tab organizes activities into different categories ranging from golf to arts to beer, wine, and ice cream trails. This simplifies the visitor experience and provides relevant information quickly and easily.

Working in tandem with the “Things to Do” tab is the Events calendar. The Events calendar is one of our custom builds, allowing for easy and frequent updates, keeping tourists and resident alike in the know. The Events page is searchable by date, keyword, and location and contains information for each individual event. Additionally, a simplified Event calendar appears on the homepage to draw visitors in.

Trip Planning

The Tri-Valley site isn’t just limited to information on events and activities. It also includes organized listings of hotels and restaurants to better help tourists plan their trips. The “Plan Your Trip” tab is chock full of information on the area, including climate, directions, and a visitor guide. It even contains outlined recommendations on what to do for 1, 2, or 3 days trips, helping visitors make best use of their time when in the Tri-Valley area. By streamlining the trip planning experience, we were able encourage visitors to the website to become visitors to the Tri-Valley. The web layout’s natural progression carries visitors from “Things to Do” to “Trip Planning,” making them more likely to consider a trip to the Tri-Valley.

Tourism projects are always exciting to work on, because it provides the unique opportunity to help bolster an entire local economy. We were able to help website visitors fully explore what the Tri-Valley has to offer virtually, increasing the likelihood of a real-life visit. Working with the California Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tri-Valley area was a true pleasure, and we enjoy being a part of their growing tourism.

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