Portraying Professionalism with a Custom WordPress Theme

If Airtec Global LLC were to be described in one word, that word would undoubtedly be “expertise.” Within the air compression systems field, the guys at Airtec are the consummate professionals. They know just about everything there is to know about compression systems of all sizes and brands.  AirTec is nothing if not dedicated to their craft.

Portraying the level of expertise represented by Airtec was a challenge MagicLamp was ready to meet, so we worked hard to gain an understanding of their business in order to build them a complete web presence that matched their values and ideals. Through WordPress, we were able to create a custom site that serves to show the expertise that Airtec brings to the table.


What better way to show off professionalism than through one of the most professional website creation services? WordPress’ impressive array of tools and services allowed MagicLamp to build a website that operates reliably while visually steering visitors where they need to go. The site contains product information, information on the services Airtec offers, a blog section for company and product updates as well as improving SEO, and contact forms that allow visitors to get a free quote. The new Airtec site is sleek, navigable, and performs fantastically.


The new Airtec website received a complete rewrite with a great deal of input and advice from the experts at Airtec . The new copy had to be informative, search engine optimized, and understandable to the average visitor. We were able to write helpful content that helps Airtec register as a search result, increasing their reach. MagicLamp wrote a great deal of varied product descriptions while referring to the level of skill and talent present at Airtec . We made sure to consider Airtec’s mission statement of bringing efficiency to compression systems worldwide while the writing the content and were able to portray this idea to visitors.

Web Design

Just a little bit of design flavor can go a long way in retaining visitors. The Airtec site received a ground-up redesign aimed at bringing their message of efficiency and expertise to everyone that comes across their site. Airtec’s new site is simple, clean-cut, and easy to navigate, and draws attention to the most important parts of the site for visitors to view. The pages are full of information without seeming cluttered and without sacrificing visibility. The site uses high quality graphics that lend additional credibility, further improving AirTec’s image.

Though MagicLamp may have built Airtec’s web presence, we simply built a representation of what was already there. AirTec represents some of the best in their industry, so we built a website that shows off their unparalleled capabilities. We used copy to inform visitors on air compression systems and how their needs can best be met by Airtec , and we used site design to showcase Airtec’s proficiency and steer visitors in the right direction. MagicLamp’s WordPress design will go on to help AirTec grow and find new business while showing the wonderful qualities present in their business.

New Web Sites: Major Ecommerce Upgrade & Redesign with Locator Integration


Amplifying a client’s content above the “noise” of its competitors is nothing new at MagicLamp. Hence the newly launched and multifaceted web design it recently created for HearUSA.
MagicLamp has blended features that include registering online for a free hearing test, and a hearing quiz to help the site’s visitor determine how much hearing assistance he or she needs. Alongside these tools is a fact sheet sharing the many reasons why it’s important to treat hearing loss and the social and psychological consequences for not doing so.
As for the tech side of things, MagicLamp has also integrated a Find a Provider database to locate the site visitor’s 15nearest audiologist. This includes a signup screen so the visitor can be contacted directly by that provider.
The total responsiveness of MagicLamp’s site design is upped another notch with Microsoft Dynamics’ software to oversee and monitor the HearUSA site’s CRM capabilities, making HearUSA’s value loud and clear.
ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design


Sometimes being a trusted resource for quality paper products just isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to fluff and update your look. So with MagicLamp’s technical assistance, Graytex has now segued from its previous website’s functionality to a much more responsive web design.
This required MagicLamp to import hundreds of Graytex’s paper products on about 50 pages from the old site, then re-organizing and creating multiple improved ways to browse those products. Now you can search for paper by category, size and finish as well as by description for each type of paper product. Quantity per pack, product code and individual properties of each paper type are searchable via an at-a-glance product catalog and a master table of elements.
The result has been an improvement in both Graytex’ ecommerce flow and its SEO ranking. Add to that the integration of MailChimp and a coupon code for new subscribers, and you’ve got Graytex moving to the top of the paper pile on the internet!
ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design width=     ecommerce web design

Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Website

2626Here is our compiled checklist from the book titled “Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Website” by Bruce C. Brown:

Ten Steps To A Profitable ECommerce Site

    1. List your goals and ideas


    1. Review your products and services


    1. Compare against competition


    1. Determine your target market


    1. Set a budget for your website


    1. Determine your unique selling proposition


    1. Create a marketing plan


    1. Develop a site structure


    1. Get all your services together


    1. Launch your site


Mistakes To Avoid

    1. Home page is unfocused or does not communicate quickly


    1. Pop-ups, splash pages, and flash advertising


    1. Poor navigation


    1. A website equals a marketing plan or promotions strategy


    1. Failure to attain online relevance and not update content


    1. Too many text effects


    1. Too many graphics


    1. Use Microsoft themes or other off-the-shelf templates


    1. Using a frames based site


    1. Ignoring search engines



    1. Search engines


    1. Pay-per-click


    1. Keywords and meta tags


    1. Affiliate Programs


    1. Banner Ads


Repeat Customers / Customer Retention Online

    1. Coupons for Repeat Customers


    1. Contests for Existing Customers


    1. Newsletters


    1. Chat Room for Existing Customers


    1. Discussion Groups, Forums, or Message Boards


Top Three Reasons for Going Online


    1. Want or need information


    1. Want to make a purchase or donation


    1. Want to be entertained


Non-Traditional Types of Web Advertising


    1. Advertorials


    1. Advertainments


    1. Customer Loyalty (Ladder of Loyalty)


Five Ways to Improve Online Marketing

    1. Site Design


    1. Honesty


    1. Customer Incentive


    1. Domain Name


    1. Testimonials


Increasing Website Traffic


    1. What’s New Page or New Products Page


    1. Promotions program – free or trial products, coupons


    1. Contests


    1. Content-relevant professional articles, news events, press releases


    1. Viral marketing


    1. Signatures in Emails


    1. Affiliate marketing


    1. Include URL on all printed/electronic collateral


    1. Free search feature


    1. Win some awards


Benefits of Database Marketing


    1. Reach new customers and encourage them to try your products and services


    1. Reach existing customers and send them timely information


    1. Increased profits through personalization


    1. Increased satisfaction with existing customers that reinforces your relationship


    1. Increased potential referrals through satisfied customers


    1. Reduced marketing expenses through automation


Types of data in Database Marketing


    1. Contact information


    1. Lead information


    1. Sales information


    1. Service after the sale information


    1. Forecast information


Building A Marketing Database Plan


    1. Analyze your database


    1. Define assumptions about your market and demographics


    1. Plan your offers based on above analysis


  1. Continue to build your database

Suspect SEO Partners (was SEO Scam)

In this day and age, everyone is trying to figure out how to get their website more visibility. Of course, obtaining position #1 for all of your key words/phrases seems like the Holy Grail. Some one calls you up, asks you if you have good standings for all of your phrases, and when you answer “No”, they then launch into a pitch about how they (and only they) can give you rankings.

So how does it play out in real life?
1) SEO company calls website owner: “Hey, how would you like to be ranked #1 for any search term you want?”
2) Customer agrees to pay $5k up-front for “work” on their site, and additional $500/month maintenance
3) SEO Company gets customer to top by “spamming” and/or “cloaking”
4) Customer stays at top for 6 months (additional $3k)
5) Customer gets banned by search engines for spamming and/or cloaking
6) SEO company walks away with $8k for 6 months of traffic = expensive
7) Customer has to pay someone else to come in and remove spam/cloak code from website AND get off the banned lists with the search engines

Spamming refers to two techniques, one involves fabricating huge numbers (1,000’s) of websites with your key words all over them, and point back to your site, which is far more effective than the second, which is to fabricate huge numbers of pages on your site with high but varying degrees of density for your key words. Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search all expressly forbid this type of “gaming” of their search engines and spiders.

Cloaking is far more dubious, as the technique can have genuine applications. Cloaking is basically a piece of code that sits on every page, and detects what type of browser is asking for a given page. Based on the result (IE6, Firefox, googlebot, Yahoo! Slurp) the code decides what content will be served up. Why would this be nefarious, you ask? Well, if its googlebot, and the code feeds googlebot with a page of keywords and nothing that is human readable, versus showing the latest sales pitch to an IE6 browser, you start to see how this can go wrong.

A combination of both spamming and cloaking seems to be M.O. for many of these firms at the moment, but there will surely be other ways to “game” the search engines.

There are, of course, other ranking scams that are not as damaging, but seem to be even more pervasive, and just as costly. We call them “who searches by that?”. The sales person calls you and offers to help find key words that their company has “exclusive rights” to on Yahoo! or Google’s promotion placement (top or right side). They then look up how much that search term is, and come back with an amazingly low price. “Oh look, that’s only $85 a month. How about a couple of other search terms then? “ By the time you get off the phone, you are committed to about $500 a month, for key phrases that end up yielding few click-throughs.

How do we know this is a scam?

Most customer who buy into this have NO WAY OF MEASURING the effectiveness, and often go months with 1-10 click-throughs per month. At these prices, this is often 100X the going rate for advertising under more potent key phrases on Overture or Google’s AdWords. In other terms, you could be generating 1000 click-throughs for every 10 you get with the “top promotion placements”.

You will notice that we have not named any particular organizations in this article. There are several reasons for this, most importantly, they change their name often. This article is not meant to be alarmist, our only intent is to arm you with the knowledge to make good business investments.