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We launched KalioTek’s new website in August 2022. Watch the video to hear the designer Josh speak about his approach to the aesthetics and improving user experience. Page specific comparisons below!

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Increasing Tourism Through Web Development: Visit Tri-Valley

There are truly no limits to what solid web development can accomplish. At MagicLamp, we’ve seen it help businesses grow, bring attention to many worthy causes, and launch new technologies and ideas forward in ways that previously seemed impossible. Web development is valuable tool that can be used to accomplish just about any goal, and there’s nothing we love more than exploring the possibilities web development unlocks.

When the Convention and Visitors Bureau in California approached us about building a tourism site for the Tri-Valley, we couldn’t wait to use our web development experience on such an exciting challenge. Our goal was to build site that would be helpful to visitors, represent the area accurately and effectively, and bolster web traffic, so we rolled up our sleeves and put our web development and design skills to work.

The Many Possibilities of WordPress

Fortunately for MagicLamp, the Tri-Valley is a gorgeous and vibrant area, so we had a lot to work with. The real challenge was organizing the incredible amount of events and activities and condensing them into something that visitors could easily browse. Through our WordPress design, we were able to place everything into different, navigable sections in the “Things to Do” tab. The “Things to Do” tab organizes activities into different categories ranging from golf to arts to beer, wine, and ice cream trails. This simplifies the visitor experience and provides relevant information quickly and easily.

Working in tandem with the “Things to Do” tab is the Events calendar. The Events calendar is one of our custom builds, allowing for easy and frequent updates, keeping tourists and resident alike in the know. The Events page is searchable by date, keyword, and location and contains information for each individual event. Additionally, a simplified Event calendar appears on the homepage to draw visitors in.

Trip Planning

The Tri-Valley site isn’t just limited to information on events and activities. It also includes organized listings of hotels and restaurants to better help tourists plan their trips. The “Plan Your Trip” tab is chock full of information on the area, including climate, directions, and a visitor guide. It even contains outlined recommendations on what to do for 1, 2, or 3 days trips, helping visitors make best use of their time when in the Tri-Valley area. By streamlining the trip planning experience, we were able encourage visitors to the website to become visitors to the Tri-Valley. The web layout’s natural progression carries visitors from “Things to Do” to “Trip Planning,” making them more likely to consider a trip to the Tri-Valley.

Tourism projects are always exciting to work on, because it provides the unique opportunity to help bolster an entire local economy. We were able to help website visitors fully explore what the Tri-Valley has to offer virtually, increasing the likelihood of a real-life visit. Working with the California Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tri-Valley area was a true pleasure, and we enjoy being a part of their growing tourism.

A Clean Look to Match Minimalist Golf Swing

ecommerce web design

The people behind Minimalist Golf Swing have truly thought of everything. Their program, the Minimalist Golf Swing System, is a merger of decades of professional-level golf experience, advanced kinesiology, and technology that intuitively instructs users on how to drastically improve their golf game. Needless to say, creating an online face for a company with such complexities as Minimalist Golf swing presented a unique challenge for MagicLamp, a challenge we were happy to meet. Through WordPress, were able to build the perfect website for Minimalist Golf Swing, and by using web design and WordPress plugins, we were able reveal some of the qualities that make Minimalist Golf Swing such a unique business.


WordPress remains our top choice for developing and designing custom websites. Through its wide array of tools and its easy customization, MagicLamp is able to build websites that seamlessly function as an extension of an existing business. Minimalist Golf Swing was no exception.

The Minimalist Golf Swing WordPress design is simple and, appropriately, minimal. Despite the minimalist design, the site is full of useful information and helpful diagrams, allowing visitors to get a taste of the Minimalist Golf Swing System. Using the online store to purchase learning materials is quite easy. The site contains an About page, the online store, testimonials, a blog full of tips and interesting information, and a News page. Our WordPress design truly captures the essence that Minimalist Golf Swing works to cultivate.


When creating online stores, there’s no better tool than WordPress’ WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most widely-used ecommerce platform in the world, powering 39% of all online stores. Minimalist Golf Swing offers a very specific selection of online lessons, and WooCommerce was the perfect way to build their store. With the versatility offered by WooCommerce, we were able to build a simple and intuitive online store that showcases Minimalist Golf Swing’s products and makes it easy for visitors to make purchases.

Learning Management System

As an educational resource, Minimalist Golf Swing required their website to be able to support some rather unique functions. MagicLamp was able to work with them and design a Learning Management System for their customers. A Learning Management System is an aggregation of videos and online quizzes aimed at ensuring the success of Minimalist Golf Swing’s customers. Through the Learning Management System, Minimalist Golf Swing is able to ensure their materials are understood, making sure that the customers see the progress that they desire.

MagicLamp thrives on the success of our clients. Through our WordPress design, WooCommerce expertise, and meticulously crafted Learning Management System, we were able to help Minimalist Golf Swing attain the level of ecommerce they desired while ensuring that their website has a professional and modern appearance. MagicLamp’s WordPress design was built with visitors in mind. It is clear and simple, and materials are quickly and easily accessed with no hassle whatsoever. This visitor-minded design makes certain that visitors to Minimalist Golf Swing can find exactly what they’re looking for, ultimately increasing their amount of ecommerce and further establishing their business.


Fresh Juice, Fresh Online Face: Everyday Nectar

Everyday Nectar is a dream come true for every juice enthusiast, healthy living fan, or appreciator of all things delicious. They use local, organic ingredients to make a wide variety of delicious juices, smoothies, and juice shots, and are conveniently located in downtown Denton, TX. When they asked MagicLamp if we could help them craft a web presence to show off their products, we happily obliged. After all, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?


The new site MagicLamp built for Everyday Nectar was designed in WordPress, affording us all of the tools and plugins we could possibly need. Though the site has a professional appearance and is easily navigated, we made sure that it doesn’t lose Everyday Nectar’s friendly and down-to-earth nature. The WordPress site features and About page, an updateable Juice of the Month feature, a clear and navigable Menu to show off their drinks, and one pager to give visitors a quick rundown of Everyday Nectar. Through our WordPress design, we were able to build a site that effectively demonstrated Everyday Nectar’s values and dedication to freshness.

Custom Theme

With a business as unique and vibrant as Everyday Nectar, a templated website simply wouldn’t do. MagicLamp worked to create a website structure that would complement the presence Everyday Nectar worked hard to build in its Downtown Denton destination. Through our creation of a custom theme, we were able to accomplish just that. The WordPress custom theme was designed with visitors in mind, giving them a sense of Everyday Nectar’s atmosphere without having to search too much. The website is designed to be as clear, concise, and visually-appealing as possible.

One Pager

In order to make the website as clear as possible, we made use of a one pager. The one pager was designed to draw the eye of visitors and included information about Everyday Nectar, the Juice of the Month, a coupon, and their menu. By adding a one pager, we made certain that the information Everyday Nectar wanted their online visitors to see is easily accessible and easily viewed.

Full Menu of Juices

Everyday Nectar has a large number of distinct juices and smoothies, all made of many different fresh ingredients. MagicLamp was able to build an area on their site that allowed them to display their juices all in one place. Each juice, from Pear-fect to Tropic Thunder, has every ingredient listed. The different types of drinks even have their own sections, such as Fresh Juice, Smoothies, Shots, or Cold-Pressed juice.

Optimized for Local Searches

Everyday Nectar has some truly delicious juice, and we want as many people to know as possible. As a local business however, it wouldn’t do them much good to heard of by juice fans from across the globe. In order to maximize their traffic, we had to focus search engine optimization very specifically to draw in local business.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project for all of us at MagicLamp. We enjoy nothing more than helping small businesses see the level of success they want, and we so loved spreading the word of Everyday Nectar even further. Because again, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?

Portraying Professionalism with a Custom WordPress Theme

If Airtec Global LLC were to be described in one word, that word would undoubtedly be “expertise.” Within the air compression systems field, the guys at Airtec are the consummate professionals. They know just about everything there is to know about compression systems of all sizes and brands.  AirTec is nothing if not dedicated to their craft.

Portraying the level of expertise represented by Airtec was a challenge MagicLamp was ready to meet, so we worked hard to gain an understanding of their business in order to build them a complete web presence that matched their values and ideals. Through WordPress, we were able to create a custom site that serves to show the expertise that Airtec brings to the table.


What better way to show off professionalism than through one of the most professional website creation services? WordPress’ impressive array of tools and services allowed MagicLamp to build a website that operates reliably while visually steering visitors where they need to go. The site contains product information, information on the services Airtec offers, a blog section for company and product updates as well as improving SEO, and contact forms that allow visitors to get a free quote. The new Airtec site is sleek, navigable, and performs fantastically.


The new Airtec website received a complete rewrite with a great deal of input and advice from the experts at Airtec . The new copy had to be informative, search engine optimized, and understandable to the average visitor. We were able to write helpful content that helps Airtec register as a search result, increasing their reach. MagicLamp wrote a great deal of varied product descriptions while referring to the level of skill and talent present at Airtec . We made sure to consider Airtec’s mission statement of bringing efficiency to compression systems worldwide while the writing the content and were able to portray this idea to visitors.

Web Design

Just a little bit of design flavor can go a long way in retaining visitors. The Airtec site received a ground-up redesign aimed at bringing their message of efficiency and expertise to everyone that comes across their site. Airtec’s new site is simple, clean-cut, and easy to navigate, and draws attention to the most important parts of the site for visitors to view. The pages are full of information without seeming cluttered and without sacrificing visibility. The site uses high quality graphics that lend additional credibility, further improving AirTec’s image.

Though MagicLamp may have built Airtec’s web presence, we simply built a representation of what was already there. AirTec represents some of the best in their industry, so we built a website that shows off their unparalleled capabilities. We used copy to inform visitors on air compression systems and how their needs can best be met by Airtec , and we used site design to showcase Airtec’s proficiency and steer visitors in the right direction. MagicLamp’s WordPress design will go on to help AirTec grow and find new business while showing the wonderful qualities present in their business.

Creating a Modern Web Presence for a Local Bank: PointBank

There are few things more gratifying than helping out your local community. PointBank’s been doing it over 100 years, and now MagicLamp can proudly say that we’ve partnered with them in their efforts. In creating a modern and fully integrated website for PointBank, we’ve been able to take part in building them a web presence that shows off just how much they care about their community on a personal level.


Our new site design for PointBank was completed in WordPress, allowing us to use the numerous tools and plugins WordPress offers to create the perfect site for PointBank. Our WordPress design included a useful mobile design, a Loan Calculator widget aimed at making the loan process a bit more approachable, SEO optimized copywriting, a custom locations widget with all bank locations mapped out, and WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance levels, all on a custom theme we created specifically for PointBank.

Mobile Web Design

Probably the best way for a local business to ensure it has a good relationship with its surrounding community is through accessibility and good communication. With this in mind, MagicLamp created a new, user-friendly mobile platform to ensure that mobile viewers land on comfortable, easily-navigated site. The new mobile site allows viewers to get a very clear view of how much PointBank cares for its community, carefully demonstrating that it is indeed a “people bank.”

Custom WordPress Theme

As both PointBank and MagicLamp know, every business is unique. While PointBank acknowledges this through their flexibility and desire to help local businesses succeed, we show it by designing not just a custom website, but a custom theme to create a truly distinct web presence that showcases PointBank’s dedication to their customers.

Loan Calculator Widget

Let’s face it, going online to figure out loan specifics can be more than a little bit difficult and certainly a bit intimidating. PointBank recognized this and asked us to design a loan calculator widget that would enable their visitors to figure out at least the basics of their loan. This makes the loan process a good deal more accessible and less daunting by showing some real figures so viewers can have an idea of what expect before entering into the loan process.

Locations Widget

The locations widget plays a key role in crafting PointBank’s online image.  At the bottom of each page, the widget simply and clearly shows off the various PointBank branches, their hours, and contact information. It even shows which branch is closest to the visitor. The locations widget allows visitors to see that PointBank has branches across much of Denton County and is viable banking option for anyone living in that area.

SEO Content Writing

What good is even the best web design if it doesn’t show up in Google search results? Through search engine optimized content, we were able to secure PointBank’s position as a top search result without sacrificing the usefulness good content writing affords.

WCAG 2.0 Compliance

You don’t have to take us at our word when we call the new PointBank site user-friendly. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has certified the PointBank with the highest possible rating of AAA according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), meaning that the site flawlessly demonstrates all the key characteristics of a functional, well-designed website.

MagicLamp is proud to be partnered with PointBank in their community-oriented approach to banking, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with a business that cares so deeply about the people around it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our relationship with PointBank!

Building a New Type of Shopping Experience: Intnt

Though the world of online shopping has drastically improved and is more far reaching than ever before, there are still all kinds of unexplored possibilities waiting to be discovered. Intnt is one of those businesses that are built solidly on innovative ideas, like their Text to Shop service. Intnt allows its users to send text messages out asking for advice on retail purchases, and then links the users directly to retailers who make recommendations based on what they asked for.

The prospect of working with such a forward-thinking business was exciting for all of us at MagicLamp. Considering Intnt’s tech-based business model, we were thrilled to work with them to fulfill their unique needs, so we designed a custom website and mobile design to fit their one-of-a-kind personality.


With a product as technology-heavy as Intnt’s Text to Shop, a healthy web presence is incredibly important. While a solid web presence is necessary to support such a product, it’s also instrumental in inspiring confidence in visitors and customers. WordPress was once again the perfect platform to develop an ideal web presence.

MagicLamp crafted a simple but informative site that shows visitors what Intnt is and how to use it. The site is completely inviting and draws visitors in with clear explanations and friendly graphics. Simplicity works to Intnt’s advantage, effortlessly explaining such new concepts as shopping by text. MagicLamp’s WordPress design features a home page, an overview, and extremely useful FAQs page, a page to connect with retailers, and a sign-up for the Beta. This site is just another example of how our efforts are always well spent working in WordPress.

Web Design

When working with a brand new idea, making sure the website that represents it is cutting edge in appearance is almost as important as the product itself, especially to visitors. We kept this idea prominently in mind while creating the website, and we are quite happy with how the visuals turned out! The most important parts of the website are easily accessible and each visual component is designed to draw the eye the proper place. The modern aspect of Intnt is represented well by our design, making sure visitors are comfortable and free from the frustration of difficult navigation.

Mobile Friendly

Considering that Intnt’s system is called Text to Shop, a mobile friendly site is certainly a pretty important part of their business, and though mobile friendly sites are increasingly necessary, they can still sometimes be hard to come by. We at MagicLamp are committed to creating the perfect web presence for our clients, and for businesses like Intnt, a big part of that is the mobile design. Our mobile design allows visitors to easily view and navigate every part of Intnt’s site with ease. It transfers the intuitive design of the desktop site seamlessly into the mobile format.

Working with innovators like Intnt is always a pleasure, as is getting to play part in new products and services like Text to Shop. We found it to be a rewarding and fascinating experience, and we look forward to our partnership with Intnt as they continue to grow.

MagicLamp Launches 3 New Sites – Including WooCommerce!


MagicLamp’s site design for Cowboy Charcoal is grilling on all burners. This WordPress site features barbecue photos so real, you can smell the beef! The responsive design introduces you to a readily explorable site.
First up is a side scrolling display that sumptuously showcases Cowboy’s Roundup recipe blog, events and products just below a menu bar to help locate retailers and buy online. Also featured are drop down menus listing all products, how-to videos, recipes, events and blog options. The bottom half of the page provides an integrated link to Cowboy’s YouTube channel with videos on grilling’s best practices and charcoal selection, and a newsletter signup.
Cowboy’s Roundup blog with its frequently posted on-the-fly barbecue menu ideas as well as a trove of entrée, side dish, dessert and drink recipes provides a clickable print option next to the name of each dish. The blog also has categories that include products for purchase and gift selections for the family grillmaster.
As if all of this weren’t tasty enough, Cowboy’s site also has share links with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and Instagram icons featured on the top right of each page. Instagram also has a presence of clickable foodie tiles on the Roundup blog.
Cowboy Charcoal is a division of Duraflame, Inc. and, as you’ll discover on its product page, is also home to Stubb’s barbecue products. Come and get it!
ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design


Next up is APTARE, a Fortune 50 company who now has a website that efficiently showcases its StorageConsole 10, “the industry’s only independent, open and extensible IT analytics platform”. MagicLamp’s web design reflects that uniqueness through its successful application of parallax scrolling effects and video backgrounds on APTARE’s home page.
APTARE tracks raw, assigned and used storage across its customer platforms, securing data to be integrated accurately within billing systems.
With MagicLamp’s web development for APTARE, information on these capabilities and the responsiveness of APTARE’s B2B/IT analytic infrastructure flow seamlessly throughout the site. Use of key terms like backup management, data storage, etc. make APTARE’s site easily found by search engines for customers seeking these services.
This ease of use includes accessing the site via mobile devices where the scroll of information shifts from horizontal to vertical without forfeiting any key elements, even retaining access to peripheral content like white papers and data sheets. The user interface and screens – featuring the use of big beautiful lightboxes on screenshots – provide a detailed breakdown of not just what APTARE offers its customers, but how those customers can optimize the StorageConsole 10’s capabilities and customize it to their specific data and storage needs as well as that of their own customers.
APTARE services now support software-defined storage, Open Stack, Flash and hybrid infrastructures, making it an enterprise-ready platform to meet your company’s IT data backup, storage and real-time access needs.
MagicLamp completed APTARE’s byzantine site in only 45 days.
ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design


Fashion is key at GREI of New York where handmade horsehair fobs and keychains greet your eyes upon landing.
That’s just the first offering shown at GREI’s new website created by Magic Lamp. The WooCommerce site, MagicLamp’s first use of the platform, provides flexibility and compatibility in accessing and ordering any item from its handcrafted inventory of scarves, robes, shirts and more.
The beautifully tactile, rich selection of hand-dyed gray and indigo fashion items float effortlessly between the tabs under each category of apparel. You can display all items under women’s or men’s apparel collectively or review each category by clothing item.
MagicLamp’s web design facilitates the purchase of GREI’s catalog of items online as well as from a select group of stores located in a few key American cities as well as Japan where the fabrics originate. Add to that the ability to customize and even override WordPress features to make use of WooCommerce’s open source platform with its hundreds of options for tracking, buying and selling of merchandise.  It even lets you know how many of an item are left in stock. MagicLamp’s exit intent pop-ups for cart at checkout include a discount offer on your order from GREI as well as one on any future order. There are also share buttons for Instagram and Pinterest to show off what was purchased.
MagicLamp has enhanced GREI’s website further with a tight integration of MailChimp and email marketing with slide-in signups to capture more subscribers, and custom email notifications for order statuses. UPS label printing is also made available onsite for easier fulfillment.

Yes, It’s easy to understand why WooCommerce powers 37% of online stores, and now GREI’s website further distinguishes those offerings.

ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design     ecommerce web design

New sites for Q2 2016 – Clean Web Designs and WordPress



WordPress once again displays its flexibility in hosting a database-driven site, this time to serve the hearing challenged customer in both the USA and Canada.

Through use of Google Maps and integrating the importable data in Microsoft Excel worksheets, MagicLamp has created a responsive, highly functional and updateable resource that can locate the office of a HearUSA or HearCanada provider as well as any surrounding services the customer might seek.

The Google map on the site’s home page displays a list of 200 providers searchable by clicking on the “View Center Details” link for the customer’s geographical location. There the customer can review the menu bar of options about hearing loss and hearing aids along with the customized content of that specific provider (i.e. provider’s profile, local special events, etc.).

The dual-skinned database can switch between both sides of a geographic border to provide the most accessible location for the customer seeking hearing services. MagicLamp has also given the customer the means to either sign up onsite or call for free hearing evaluation. Bottom of the home page features discount coupons for hearing aid purchases and services, as well as HearUSA and HearCanada’s accreditation.





As legalization of medical marijuana becomes more mainstream, the need for governance and guidelines for the growing and processing of it leaves a void to be filled. Enter Canna-Management Corporation.

This authoritative WordPress site designed by MagicLamp reflects CMC’s masterful foresight in assembling a comprehensive resource of information and a knowledgeable support team to advise and guide businesses considering legal cannabis production.

The home page features a slideshow of custom drawings that illustrate how CMC can help a cannabis company’s operation grow. The site’s clickable links on informational topics as well as drop down menus provide a fuller sense of what the requirements and considerations are for this type of business. The responsive design also features a blog with posted podcasts displaying what questions are answered by some of the leading experts on medical cannabis issues.

CMC’s site is also integrated with MailChimp along with a slide-in subscriber signup; and ads for several CMC-sponsored organizations who can provide even more insight and information on staying legal and growing.

CannaManagement     CannaManagement     CannaManagement






MagicLamp subtly showcases John Mahoney Design’s creations with its various categories of home décor.

The responsive clean lines of this WordPress site introduce a slideshow dissolve of Mahoney’s Asian-themed rugs, wallpaper, linens, fashion and more. Just below it is featured a double row of clickable interactive tiles featuring galleries of his beautifully elegant work expressed in a portfolio of textiles, home accessories and one “wild card” entry of a re-imagined Tarot card deck called “The Tenebrae Tarot”.

Mahoney’s handmade and handcrafted décor items resonate with his philosophy: “The objects we choose to surround ourselves with have the power to transform our environments and influence our lives. Color, pattern, and decoration can delight the eye, engage the mind, and lift the spirit.”

MagicLamp’s uncluttered design allows Mahoney’s work to speak for itself with only sharing links for Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook added.

JohnMahoneyDesigns     JohnMahoneyDesigns     JohnMahoneyDesigns


Science Fiction or Science Future? Web Design Meets Mobile Tech

The Future of Mobile is the Future of the Web.

Why is it so important to build for the future now?

Mobile site design has barely grazed the capabilities of today’s mobile devices, let alone the features to come. Most people haven’t even begun to comprehend the unique opportunuties of web design when it comes to mobile.

Handheld technology companies have anticipated this future shift by building extremely sophisticated tech into devices. Now, web development is beginning to take advantage of them. There are staggering possibilities, just waiting for us to tap into them.

Most new smartphones already come standard with gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure sensors, proximity detectors, fingerprint scanners, and more. Combine those with cameras, microphones, and GPS capabilities, and you’ve got a wheelhouse of powerful tools to tap into and engage users. The ways designers will do this is limited only by our imaginations.

For example, most devices can already detect the weather and store users’ locations automatically. Mobile sites could customize displays to the weather in a visitors’ zip code- showing your company’s swimsuit inventory in a hot climate, for example, or your winter coats wherever it’s snowing.

It’s not unthinkable that in a decade, devices could even be synched with users’ pulse rates or brainwaves, allowing servers to load the site version most likely to engage users based on their current mood. We’ll also see more and more stunning device hardware- 3D printing technology, for example, could even allow your site to project physical objects into user realities.

This might sound like science fiction, but the hardware included with today’s smartphones already has far more possibilities than mobile web design has evolved to take advantage of. The next few years will see sites getting more interactive and user-specific in ways most consumers never imagined possible.

Before too long, websites might pop complimentary sticks of gum out of a port on your smartphone! Just kidding….or are we?

Mobile tech advancements are happening faster than we can build for them. MagicLamp can get you ahead of the game with an professional mobile approach that makes it easy to adapt to tomorrow’s frontiers.