Science Fiction or Science Future? Web Design Meets Mobile Tech

The Future of Mobile is the Future of the Web.

Why is it so important to build for the future now?

Mobile site design has barely grazed the capabilities of today’s mobile devices, let alone the features to come. Most people haven’t even begun to comprehend the unique opportunuties of web design when it comes to mobile.

Handheld technology companies have anticipated this future shift by building extremely sophisticated tech into devices. Now, web development is beginning to take advantage of them. There are staggering possibilities, just waiting for us to tap into them.

Most new smartphones already come standard with gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure sensors, proximity detectors, fingerprint scanners, and more. Combine those with cameras, microphones, and GPS capabilities, and you’ve got a wheelhouse of powerful tools to tap into and engage users. The ways designers will do this is limited only by our imaginations.

For example, most devices can already detect the weather and store users’ locations automatically. Mobile sites could customize displays to the weather in a visitors’ zip code- showing your company’s swimsuit inventory in a hot climate, for example, or your winter coats wherever it’s snowing.

It’s not unthinkable that in a decade, devices could even be synched with users’ pulse rates or brainwaves, allowing servers to load the site version most likely to engage users based on their current mood. We’ll also see more and more stunning device hardware- 3D printing technology, for example, could even allow your site to project physical objects into user realities.

This might sound like science fiction, but the hardware included with today’s smartphones already has far more possibilities than mobile web design has evolved to take advantage of. The next few years will see sites getting more interactive and user-specific in ways most consumers never imagined possible.

Before too long, websites might pop complimentary sticks of gum out of a port on your smartphone! Just kidding….or are we?

Mobile tech advancements are happening faster than we can build for them. MagicLamp can get you ahead of the game with an professional mobile approach that makes it easy to adapt to tomorrow’s frontiers.

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