Fresh Juice, Fresh Online Face: Everyday Nectar

Everyday Nectar is a dream come true for every juice enthusiast, healthy living fan, or appreciator of all things delicious. They use local, organic ingredients to make a wide variety of delicious juices, smoothies, and juice shots, and are conveniently located in downtown Denton, TX. When they asked MagicLamp if we could help them craft a web presence to show off their products, we happily obliged. After all, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?


The new site MagicLamp built for Everyday Nectar was designed in WordPress, affording us all of the tools and plugins we could possibly need. Though the site has a professional appearance and is easily navigated, we made sure that it doesn’t lose Everyday Nectar’s friendly and down-to-earth nature. The WordPress site features and About page, an updateable Juice of the Month feature, a clear and navigable Menu to show off their drinks, and one pager to give visitors a quick rundown of Everyday Nectar. Through our WordPress design, we were able to build a site that effectively demonstrated Everyday Nectar’s values and dedication to freshness.

Custom Theme

With a business as unique and vibrant as Everyday Nectar, a templated website simply wouldn’t do. MagicLamp worked to create a website structure that would complement the presence Everyday Nectar worked hard to build in its Downtown Denton destination. Through our creation of a custom theme, we were able to accomplish just that. The WordPress custom theme was designed with visitors in mind, giving them a sense of Everyday Nectar’s atmosphere without having to search too much. The website is designed to be as clear, concise, and visually-appealing as possible.

One Pager

In order to make the website as clear as possible, we made use of a one pager. The one pager was designed to draw the eye of visitors and included information about Everyday Nectar, the Juice of the Month, a coupon, and their menu. By adding a one pager, we made certain that the information Everyday Nectar wanted their online visitors to see is easily accessible and easily viewed.

Full Menu of Juices

Everyday Nectar has a large number of distinct juices and smoothies, all made of many different fresh ingredients. MagicLamp was able to build an area on their site that allowed them to display their juices all in one place. Each juice, from Pear-fect to Tropic Thunder, has every ingredient listed. The different types of drinks even have their own sections, such as Fresh Juice, Smoothies, Shots, or Cold-Pressed juice.

Optimized for Local Searches

Everyday Nectar has some truly delicious juice, and we want as many people to know as possible. As a local business however, it wouldn’t do them much good to heard of by juice fans from across the globe. In order to maximize their traffic, we had to focus search engine optimization very specifically to draw in local business.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project for all of us at MagicLamp. We enjoy nothing more than helping small businesses see the level of success they want, and we so loved spreading the word of Everyday Nectar even further. Because again, who doesn’t love fresh-squeezed juice?

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