Kaliotek Redesign

We launched KalioTek’s new website in August 2022. Watch the video to hear the designer Josh speak about his approach to the aesthetics and improving user experience. Page specific comparisons below!

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Email Marketing & Click Bots

Many corporate email systems now employ software (what I am calling click bots) that analyzes the links in any given email to determine if the email violates rules or policies, in addition to whether the email might be spam. Part of that analysis is visiting any/all links in an email and looking at the content living at the URL. This means that when we send out marketing emails, the click bots effectively look like a real person clicking through on the link in the email.

This is why we see the large numbers of clicks for links like privacy policy that are usually in email marketing templates. The click bots are effective enough to execute javascript, which means we can’t rely on Google Analytics to weed out the click bot traffic. This is a very deep topic and I could keep going, but that gives you the gist.

Please note that while this isn’t prevalent in consumer type email systems, it is becoming more and more ubiquitous.


> Thank you Jason but how do we weed this out to find the true interested parties?

This is what we asked Pardot and they didn’t have an answer. Marketo does have answers in the form of best-practices for how to setup automation (and where not to automate), but no one in the industry has really solved this problem. I’ve been thinking about this issue for weeks now to try to come up with a way to solve this, as it would be a new business 😉

Some of the areas that Pardot said they were working to try to solve this:

  1. Click timing
  2. IP address blocking

    and some of my own ideas

  3. Clicks marked as different users coming from the same IP address
  4. Clicks without email open (this is tricky though, high false positive potential)
  5. Multiple Analytics correlation (using Pardot AND Google AND others)
  6. Redirects

Sleek and Simple Web Design

Though many of the websites MagicLamp designs are vast and complex, requiring custom page designs, custom plugins, unique ecommerce solutions, and optimized load times, we frequently build simpler websites for small businesses and for our clients’ personal use, like blogs and portfolios. We really enjoy working with less labor-intensive clients, as simple websites often provide unique avenues for creativity to shine. Whether a site is for a jewelry shop, writer, or small production company, MagicLamp enjoys spending our efforts helping our clients achieve their goals.

Noble Projects

Chris Noble, the talent behind Noble Projects, is a seasoned media professional with over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. He’s worked with high-profile clients such as Nike, ESPN, Coca Cola, Brand Jordan, Apple, Verizon, and Under Armour, and he’s constantly seeking new creative challenges. We were more than happy to help him find them!

As with all of our sites, we built it in WordPress. We used the ever-adaptable GeneratePress theme to customize Chris’ site, and we used Elementor to make sure updates can be made quickly and easily as Chris continues to create. The full Noble Projects website is streamlined and simple, effectively showcasing all of Chris’ work without any navigation hassle.

Lee Matthew Goldberg

Lee Matthew Goldberg was a creative in need a healthy web presence to showcase his talents, and we at MagicLamp were thrilled to help! Lee is a writer currently promoting his recently-published novel, The Mentor. In any creative industry, a web presence can be a tremendous advantage. The site we built for Lee helped him promote his book as well as his other work.

Another streamlined WordPress/GeneratePress design, Lee’s site is the perfect platform for his work. The homepage can be easily customized to display his most recent work, and the blog is perfect place for announcing future work, discussing current work, and featuring reviews and blogs from other sites. Elementor’s drag-and-drop capabilities also give Lee the ability to make sure his site is always up-to-date with his most recent work.

Alicia Van Fleteren

There are many different ways to express creativity, and every person expresses their creativity differently. Alicia Van Fleteren is a skilled jewelry maker based in Northern California who finds inspiration from her Asian heritage and the natural environment. She puts a great deal of care and effort into each and every one of her pieces, so we wanted to build her a website customized to match her unique work.

Like the other simple and tasteful web designs we’ve done, we built Alicia’s site in WordPress and GeneratePress, using Elementor to simplify content updates. We linked her social media presences, allowing her site to be used as a hub for her jewelry sales.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our clients attain the success they deserve for their hard work. Streamlined site design can take many small businesses and creatives a long way, because accessibility and simplicity are incredibly valuable tools. MagicLamp enjoyed the work that we were able to do with this set of client’s, and we look forward to what the future hold for them.

If you’re interested in building a smaller site for any purpose, please feel free to contact us! We can set you up with exactly what you need.