Email Marketing & Click Bots

Many corporate email systems now employ software (what I am calling click bots) that analyzes the links in any given email to determine if the email violates rules or policies, in addition to whether the email might be spam. Part of that analysis is visiting any/all links in an email and looking at the content living at the URL. This means that when we send out marketing emails, the click bots effectively look like a real person clicking through on the link in the email.

This is why we see the large numbers of clicks for links like privacy policy that are usually in email marketing templates. The click bots are effective enough to execute javascript, which means we can’t rely on Google Analytics to weed out the click bot traffic. This is a very deep topic and I could keep going, but that gives you the gist.

Please note that while this isn’t prevalent in consumer type email systems, it is becoming more and more ubiquitous.


> Thank you Jason but how do we weed this out to find the true interested parties?

This is what we asked Pardot and they didn’t have an answer. Marketo does have answers in the form of best-practices for how to setup automation (and where not to automate), but no one in the industry has really solved this problem. I’ve been thinking about this issue for weeks now to try to come up with a way to solve this, as it would be a new business 😉

Some of the areas that Pardot said they were working to try to solve this:

  1. Click timing
  2. IP address blocking

    and some of my own ideas

  3. Clicks marked as different users coming from the same IP address
  4. Clicks without email open (this is tricky though, high false positive potential)
  5. Multiple Analytics correlation (using Pardot AND Google AND others)
  6. Redirects

Sleek and Simple Web Design

Though many of the websites MagicLamp designs are vast and complex, requiring custom page designs, custom plugins, unique ecommerce solutions, and optimized load times, we frequently build simpler websites for small businesses and for our clients’ personal use, like blogs and portfolios. We really enjoy working with less labor-intensive clients, as simple websites often provide unique avenues for creativity to shine. Whether a site is for a jewelry shop, writer, or small production company, MagicLamp enjoys spending our efforts helping our clients achieve their goals.

Noble Projects

Chris Noble, the talent behind Noble Projects, is a seasoned media professional with over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. He’s worked with high-profile clients such as Nike, ESPN, Coca Cola, Brand Jordan, Apple, Verizon, and Under Armour, and he’s constantly seeking new creative challenges. We were more than happy to help him find them!

As with all of our sites, we built it in WordPress. We used the ever-adaptable GeneratePress theme to customize Chris’ site, and we used Elementor to make sure updates can be made quickly and easily as Chris continues to create. The full Noble Projects website is streamlined and simple, effectively showcasing all of Chris’ work without any navigation hassle.

Lee Matthew Goldberg

Lee Matthew Goldberg was a creative in need a healthy web presence to showcase his talents, and we at MagicLamp were thrilled to help! Lee is a writer currently promoting his recently-published novel, The Mentor. In any creative industry, a web presence can be a tremendous advantage. The site we built for Lee helped him promote his book as well as his other work.

Another streamlined WordPress/GeneratePress design, Lee’s site is the perfect platform for his work. The homepage can be easily customized to display his most recent work, and the blog is perfect place for announcing future work, discussing current work, and featuring reviews and blogs from other sites. Elementor’s drag-and-drop capabilities also give Lee the ability to make sure his site is always up-to-date with his most recent work.

Alicia Van Fleteren

There are many different ways to express creativity, and every person expresses their creativity differently. Alicia Van Fleteren is a skilled jewelry maker based in Northern California who finds inspiration from her Asian heritage and the natural environment. She puts a great deal of care and effort into each and every one of her pieces, so we wanted to build her a website customized to match her unique work.

Like the other simple and tasteful web designs we’ve done, we built Alicia’s site in WordPress and GeneratePress, using Elementor to simplify content updates. We linked her social media presences, allowing her site to be used as a hub for her jewelry sales.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our clients attain the success they deserve for their hard work. Streamlined site design can take many small businesses and creatives a long way, because accessibility and simplicity are incredibly valuable tools. MagicLamp enjoyed the work that we were able to do with this set of client’s, and we look forward to what the future hold for them.

If you’re interested in building a smaller site for any purpose, please feel free to contact us! We can set you up with exactly what you need.

Building a Reliable, Optimized, and Customized Site: LeanData

When building any website, creating actionable solutions is of the utmost importance. At MagicLamp, we like to focus on uncovering our clients’ unique needs and pain points to build a site that complements their business instead of attempting to redefine it. This became especially important when working with LeanData, who specialize in creating actionable, data-driven solutions for their own clients. With this in mind, we began to build site featuring many custom elements with the goal of creating a site that fully conveys the benefits their products offer. Through custom plugin optimization, vibrant WordPress design, and our team’s experience, we were able to build a site that exceeded all expectation!

Sleek WordPress Design

If ever there was a project that required the myriad of options offered by WordPress, this was the one! LeanData supports a vast quantity of go-to-market strategies, including account-based marketing, account-based sales development, and geo-based territories. Their collection and application of data for sales is extremely precise, so we wanted to capitalize on that precision and use the site to promote it.

The resulting website has a clean look with plenty of space to showcase each unique benefit and solution. Due to the vast quantity of benefits offered by LeanData, we carefully delineated each part in a clear and concise way. We wanted everything to appear as accessible as possible to help potential customers fully grasp LeanData’s products.

Custom Plugins Galore!

LeanData’s unique business model required an accordingly unique web presence, so we worked hard to build it for them. MagicLamp designed custom plugins for LeanData to help them convey the benefits of their products. LeanData specializes in tracking and generating sales leads, but their platform has many moving parts, necessitating custom plugins to ensure constant high performance.

Our custom plugins are fully integrated into the LeanData WordPress design, allowing for a more completely customized web presence.

Plugin and Load Time Optimization

With any custom site, performance reliability can be something of a challenge, so we thoroughly combed through the site to ensure optimal performance on every single page. Each landing page is totally optimized for load time, ensuring a higher visitor retention rate and creating new customers.

Due to the number of customized plugins present in LeanData’s site, plugin optimization also had a high priority. We focused on making certain that each plugin works at its highest capacity, giving the website a unique and functional look and feel.

Support for Landing Pages and Email Templates

Additionally, the LeanData site offers support for both Unbounce and Marketo for landing pages and marketing emails, respectively. Unbounce gave us the power to optimize each individual landing page, while Marketo provided LeanData with a number of marketing email insights and automation tools. Both of these adaptable tools will certainly come in handy with any future updates to the site!


LeanData provided us with an opportunity to create a unique site that functions in a unique way. We were able to use our creative side to build a site truly like no other, and we enjoyed every step of the process!

DragonFly Designs: Where Creativity Meets Fun

The people at DragonFly Designs believe that there are few experiences more rewarding than helping kids explore their creative side. They spend a great deal of time sharing their love of the arts with kids of all ages by teaching new artistic skills in classes, private events, camps, and parties.

DragonFly Designs started as a small jewelry business before its owner, Stacee Gillelen, realized that she enjoyed sharing and teaching her skills and began offering classes. What started as a few jewelry making classes rapidly gained traction and now, DragonFly Designs offer classes in disciplines as wide-ranging as painting, textiles, dance, yoga, and even organic gardening in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. In addition to the classes, DragonFly Designs began offering camps to help kids learn about new artistic pursuits.

While DragonFly Designs tells a true success story, rapid growth can be challenging to manage. With increased popularity comes the need for quick and easy booking and a web presence that inspires confidence and is easily navigable. We at MagicLamp were able to provide all of these and more to DragonFly Designs, helping them manage their impressive rate of growth while continuing to grow.

WordPress and WooCommerce for Booking Management

At MagicLamp, we work hard to tailor each web design to meet the specific needs of the client. In this case, we used the WordPress design to evoke a sense of fun and lightheartedness, matching the DragonFly Designs’ ideals and values. The site includes many photos and testimonials, all geared toward showing how beneficial the arts can be for children.

Because of DragonFly Designs large quantity of different classes, camps, and private events, reliable Ecommerce is a must-have, especially because a mistake in booking could lead to some pretty big inconveniences for potential customers or even lost business. In order to mitigate any problems, MagicLamp custom-built DragonFly Designs’ party, class, and camp registration system with WooCommerce to ensure that it operated within the specific parameters that they required. As one of the tope Ecommerce platforms in the world, WooCommerce is fully integrated with WordPress, which makes for a seamless transition from browsing to shopping. By using WooCommerce for booking, we were also able to set it up in the same Ecommerce system as the rest of DragonFly Designs’ products, allowing customers to purchase products, sign up for classes, and check-out all in one place.

Add-Ons, Upgrades, and Bundles

Because of the custom, single check-out system we enacted through WooCommerce, we were able to include a feature that offers suggested purchases upon check-out. This minor addition increases DragonFly Designs’ sales by helping customers discover additional products they might be interested in and offering them at the point of purchase.

At MagicLamp, we’re always grateful when we get to partner with an organization as caring and kindhearted as DragonFly Designs, and we love helping them meet their incredibly important goals. Taking part in the introduction of the arts to people’s lives is an immensely rewarding experience that we deeply enjoyed.

Increasing Tourism Through Web Development: Visit Tri-Valley

There are truly no limits to what solid web development can accomplish. At MagicLamp, we’ve seen it help businesses grow, bring attention to many worthy causes, and launch new technologies and ideas forward in ways that previously seemed impossible. Web development is valuable tool that can be used to accomplish just about any goal, and there’s nothing we love more than exploring the possibilities web development unlocks.

When the Convention and Visitors Bureau in California approached us about building a tourism site for the Tri-Valley, we couldn’t wait to use our web development experience on such an exciting challenge. Our goal was to build site that would be helpful to visitors, represent the area accurately and effectively, and bolster web traffic, so we rolled up our sleeves and put our web development and design skills to work.

The Many Possibilities of WordPress

Fortunately for MagicLamp, the Tri-Valley is a gorgeous and vibrant area, so we had a lot to work with. The real challenge was organizing the incredible amount of events and activities and condensing them into something that visitors could easily browse. Through our WordPress design, we were able to place everything into different, navigable sections in the “Things to Do” tab. The “Things to Do” tab organizes activities into different categories ranging from golf to arts to beer, wine, and ice cream trails. This simplifies the visitor experience and provides relevant information quickly and easily.

Working in tandem with the “Things to Do” tab is the Events calendar. The Events calendar is one of our custom builds, allowing for easy and frequent updates, keeping tourists and resident alike in the know. The Events page is searchable by date, keyword, and location and contains information for each individual event. Additionally, a simplified Event calendar appears on the homepage to draw visitors in.

Trip Planning

The Tri-Valley site isn’t just limited to information on events and activities. It also includes organized listings of hotels and restaurants to better help tourists plan their trips. The “Plan Your Trip” tab is chock full of information on the area, including climate, directions, and a visitor guide. It even contains outlined recommendations on what to do for 1, 2, or 3 days trips, helping visitors make best use of their time when in the Tri-Valley area. By streamlining the trip planning experience, we were able encourage visitors to the website to become visitors to the Tri-Valley. The web layout’s natural progression carries visitors from “Things to Do” to “Trip Planning,” making them more likely to consider a trip to the Tri-Valley.

Tourism projects are always exciting to work on, because it provides the unique opportunity to help bolster an entire local economy. We were able to help website visitors fully explore what the Tri-Valley has to offer virtually, increasing the likelihood of a real-life visit. Working with the California Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tri-Valley area was a true pleasure, and we enjoy being a part of their growing tourism.

The Value of Customized Web Design: KidsPark

At MagicLamp, before we start working on a client’s new website, we like to spend time getting to know them and understanding their goals thoroughly, so the web design matches their personality and purposes upon completion. KidsPark is a large chain of day care centers that emphasize cooperation, socialization, listening skills and motor development for kids from preschool to elementary school age. They have locations all over the US and offer preschool education, art tables, and play areas, all supervised by a team of experienced and energetic staff.

Because of the prominence of consumer research on the web, distinctive web design is more important than ever, and it can be a defining building block for any business’ identity. When we started working with KidsPark, we saw a unique opportunity to use web design to create a site that conveyed the fun and excitement they cultivate in each location, emphasizing their best qualities in building their web presence.

The Possibilities of a WordPress Design

As always, WordPress afforded us a wide array of tools and resources that we were able to use to build KidsPark’s colorful, multi-faceted website. Because KidsPark has many locations scattered around the country, we decided to use the site to give each location their own character. The multisite configuration gives each of the different locations their own page with the specifics (opening and closing times and age ranges) of each location thoroughly outlined. In order to ensure that every location displays the correct information, we also included a way for franchisees to directly update their page with new details, so they can make updates quickly and easily.

Because of the nature of KidsPark’s business, we really got to have fun on the web design. The site is bright and lively, and we were able to include a great deal of custom graphics and animations. We designed the site with fun in mind, and we really enjoyed getting to work on the custom drawings that make up the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Within a field as competitive as day care for children, the need for high search rankings can’t be overstated, especially within sizeable cities like Fresno or the DFW area. Through SEO best practices, we targeted the cities in which a KidsPark is present, and used their individual pages to boost their search rankings. We specialize in using SEO to create tough competitors within any industry, and through our SEO expertise, we were able to help KidsPark appear as a top result.

Working with businesses as principled and important as KidsPark is really a treat. It’s sometimes a bit strange to think of web design and web development as being a part of bolstering healthy childhood development, but through these principles, MagicLamp was able to help KidsPark on their mission to encourage young children’s developmental skills and education. We feel very proud and honored to help with such a noble pursuit, and we wish KidsPark all the best in their further endeavors.

Creating a Virtual Showroom: Lights Fantastic Pro

If there’s one thing we learned from working with Lights Fantastic Pro, it’s that high-quality lighting is fast-paced and nuanced industry. Keeping up with rapidly-changing trends is an important part of any lighting company, and the people at Lights Fantastic Pro have mastered the art of navigating and succeeding in the lighting industry. Working with what we learned about the lighting industry, MagicLamp set out to build Lights Fantastic Pro a cutting edge but comfortable web presence that would showcase their quality products and keep them in touch with ever-important design trends, all while retaining a high level of functionality so as to manage their expansive catalog. Making the most of our wide array of available tools, we were able to build a site that exceeded our expectations.

WordPress and WooCommerce

Working within WordPress continues to be one of the best decisions we can make when building high-performance websites. WordPress affords us a myriad tools and plugins that allow us to create fully customized and optimized websites, and when seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, Eccomerce really starts to take flight.

Lights Fantastic Pro’s website is designed specifically to fit their premium brand, with a tastefully simple appearance that doesn’t betray its functionality. It includes a large gallery to display the many uses of their lighting, an about page with information on their showroom, a vast catalog of products made simple through WooCommerce tools. All of this was done within a theme MagicLamp custom built for Lights Fantastic Pro.

Custom Theme and Mobile Support

With products as delicate and subtle as lighting, Lights Fantastic Pro and MagicLamp agreed that a custom theme was definitely in order to properly showcase their offerings. We worked to build a theme that enhanced the natural beauty of lighting while retaining a professional air.

Use of the custom theme also extended to mobile. By using a custom theme, we were able to carefully tailor the website’s mobile presence to fit Lights Fantastic Pro’s needs and style. Our mobile design transfers the style of the full web design to any phone, simplifying mobile browsing and shopping.

Catalog Management

Lights Fantastic Pro boasts a massive and varied catalog of different lights, ranging from industrial to small residential pieces, but with the flexibility of WordPress and WooCommerce, we created a fast and navigable catalog that makes Ecommerce easy. Through careful plugin choice, plugin optimization, and optimized load times, we were able to build a performance-oriented website that serves to bolster Ecommerce while retaining the elegance present within the lighting industry.

MagicLamp is proud to partner with Lights Fantastic Pro to help them take a new step in their business. Maintaining a solid web presence is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, so we work hard build and maintain quality websites for our clients. We’re excited to see the increases to Lights Fantastic Pro’s Ecommerce and web presence, and we look forward to everything the future holds for their business!


Website Upgrade for Riad Tile: WooCommerce + Custom Freight

When presenting products that prominently feature visually appealing design, a visually appealing website to match can be every bit as important as the products themselves. At Riad Tile, each and every tile is handmade by craftsmen who create their gorgeous patterns and deep coloration. Riad Tile’s products are painstakingly crafted and designed, and they required a web presence that would be able to demonstrate this level of mastery. MagicLamp was able to deliver by using graphics and web design to build a site that showcases Riad Tiles’ beautiful products while utilizing the power of WordPress to create a useful ecommerce presence.


The idea that WordPress is the best tool for the job is proven time and time again at MagicLamp. Riad Tile required a unique site that showed off their stunning products and featured a customized ecommerce platform to cater to their freight shipping methods. Through WordPress, MagicLamp crafted a website that accomplished all of Riad Tile’s web goals.

The Riad Tile site is thoroughly modern and welcoming, using subdued but inviting web design to frame Riad Tile’s stimulating tile designs. The simple one pager style works brilliantly to display Riad’s offerings and personality. The site contains a home page, an ‘About’ section, a shop, installation notes, and a contact form, all without seeming too busy at all.


At MagicLamp, we build custom solutions to fit the specific needs to different businesses, and WooCommerce allows us the freedom needed to do so. Due to Riad Tile’s unique shipping methods, they required an ecommerce presence catered very specifically to them. WooCommerce gave us the ability to create a platform for Riad Tile that met all of their requirements and merged seamlessly with the rest of the site. Through WooCommerce, MagicLamp was able to craft an ecommerce presence that simplifies the purchase process, putting customers at ease.

Custom Freight Integration

Because of the weight and size of their shipments, Riad Tile cannot simply ship their products via UPS or FedEx. Because everything must be shipped by freight, Riad Tile wanted a way to help their customers calculate shipping costs, and MagicLamp was happy to oblige. We created a custom WordPress plugin that utilized a number of different parameters in order to provide the lowest possible shipping quote to customers upon checkout. By integrating this plugin to the WooCommerce, we were able to provide the high level of customer care that Riad Tile wanted.

Custom Samples

Riad Tile’s products are elegant and impressive, so they require the best possible showcasing in order to do them justice. MagicLamp worked to craft visual samples that demonstrate the excellent and unique qualities of each individual style. From Allegro to Zanzibar, MagicLamp’s WordPress design ensures that each tile is properly displayed to visitors.

Riad Tile obviously works hard to build the best and most beautiful products they can for their customers, so we made sure that their care and attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed. Through WordPress, we were able to craft a site that shows off Riad’s dedication to artistry, all while building a custom ecommerce presence to cater to the unique needs of Riad Tile and their customers.

Keeping an Ear to the Ground: AARP Hearing Care Website

Hearing loss is no small problem to tackle. According to AARP Hearing Care, some 40 million Americans of all ages suffer from some degree of hearing loss, but many cases go unidentified. With this relatively common problem in mind, MagicLamp knew we had our work cut out for us. We were tasked with creating a website that used a visually-engaging design style to draw in viewers as well as craft a successful ecommerce presence. We chose to work through WordPress and WooCommerce to help the AARP Hearing Care Program reach their audience and spread their important message of healthy hearing as far as it would go.


When creating professional but aesthetic sites, there really is no better web creation tool than WordPress. There are plugins for just about any purpose and a great deal of freedom when it comes to design options. MagicLamp believes WordPress is truly the best tool for the job, so we use it as frequently as we can when developing new sites.

Our WordPress design for AARP Hearing Care is colorful and lively, but doesn’t sacrifice usability. We designed the site to bring a bit of lightheartedness to the idea of aural health through use of vibrant images, colors, and banners. The site includes pages on hearing health, hearing aids, various hearing products, and news regarding advances within aural care. MagicLamp’s WordPress design uses inviting visuals to draw in visitors and easy navigation to direct them where they need to go.


While the WordPress design is of the utmost importance in order to retain visitors, another factor that can’t be overlooked is the value of functional ecommerce. Having an online store that works quickly, simply, and securely is an invaluable part of any successful online business, so MagicLamp worked to create an ecommerce presence that fulfilled these parameters.

When crafting an online store, we find that the best tool for the job is WordPress’ WooCommerce tool. It’s one of the most widely used ecommerce tools for good reason, as it can be used to build just about any type of online store. Our WooCommerce design was able to accommodate and organize AARP Hearing Care’s wide array of products, allowing for a seamless purchase experience for customers. Through use of the many WooCommerce tools and plugins, MagicLamp was able to create an online store that is fully integrated with AARP Hearing Care’s web presence.

At MagicLamp, we devote our energy to crafting the perfect website for our clients’ often unique needs. AARP Hearing Care required an engaging site design with an ecommerce presence to match. Through our years of experience in WordPress and WooCommerce, we were able to build a site that ensures all visitors enjoy their experience and return for further information and purchases.

Getting to work with AARP Hearing Care to help improve aural health nationwide was privilege that we at MagicLamp truly enjoyed. We work hard to use our web development skills to showcase the best qualities of our clients, and creating a site for a business that offers services as important as hearing care was an exciting and rewarding experience.

A Clean Look to Match Minimalist Golf Swing

ecommerce web design

The people behind Minimalist Golf Swing have truly thought of everything. Their program, the Minimalist Golf Swing System, is a merger of decades of professional-level golf experience, advanced kinesiology, and technology that intuitively instructs users on how to drastically improve their golf game. Needless to say, creating an online face for a company with such complexities as Minimalist Golf swing presented a unique challenge for MagicLamp, a challenge we were happy to meet. Through WordPress, were able to build the perfect website for Minimalist Golf Swing, and by using web design and WordPress plugins, we were able reveal some of the qualities that make Minimalist Golf Swing such a unique business.


WordPress remains our top choice for developing and designing custom websites. Through its wide array of tools and its easy customization, MagicLamp is able to build websites that seamlessly function as an extension of an existing business. Minimalist Golf Swing was no exception.

The Minimalist Golf Swing WordPress design is simple and, appropriately, minimal. Despite the minimalist design, the site is full of useful information and helpful diagrams, allowing visitors to get a taste of the Minimalist Golf Swing System. Using the online store to purchase learning materials is quite easy. The site contains an About page, the online store, testimonials, a blog full of tips and interesting information, and a News page. Our WordPress design truly captures the essence that Minimalist Golf Swing works to cultivate.


When creating online stores, there’s no better tool than WordPress’ WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the most widely-used ecommerce platform in the world, powering 39% of all online stores. Minimalist Golf Swing offers a very specific selection of online lessons, and WooCommerce was the perfect way to build their store. With the versatility offered by WooCommerce, we were able to build a simple and intuitive online store that showcases Minimalist Golf Swing’s products and makes it easy for visitors to make purchases.

Learning Management System

As an educational resource, Minimalist Golf Swing required their website to be able to support some rather unique functions. MagicLamp was able to work with them and design a Learning Management System for their customers. A Learning Management System is an aggregation of videos and online quizzes aimed at ensuring the success of Minimalist Golf Swing’s customers. Through the Learning Management System, Minimalist Golf Swing is able to ensure their materials are understood, making sure that the customers see the progress that they desire.

MagicLamp thrives on the success of our clients. Through our WordPress design, WooCommerce expertise, and meticulously crafted Learning Management System, we were able to help Minimalist Golf Swing attain the level of ecommerce they desired while ensuring that their website has a professional and modern appearance. MagicLamp’s WordPress design was built with visitors in mind. It is clear and simple, and materials are quickly and easily accessed with no hassle whatsoever. This visitor-minded design makes certain that visitors to Minimalist Golf Swing can find exactly what they’re looking for, ultimately increasing their amount of ecommerce and further establishing their business.