Website Upgrade for Riad Tile: WooCommerce + Custom Freight

When presenting products that prominently feature visually appealing design, a visually appealing website to match can be every bit as important as the products themselves. At Riad Tile, each and every tile is handmade by craftsmen who create their gorgeous patterns and deep coloration. Riad Tile’s products are painstakingly crafted and designed, and they required a web presence that would be able to demonstrate this level of mastery. MagicLamp was able to deliver by using graphics and web design to build a site that showcases Riad Tiles’ beautiful products while utilizing the power of WordPress to create a useful ecommerce presence.


The idea that WordPress is the best tool for the job is proven time and time again at MagicLamp. Riad Tile required a unique site that showed off their stunning products and featured a customized ecommerce platform to cater to their freight shipping methods. Through WordPress, MagicLamp crafted a website that accomplished all of Riad Tile’s web goals.

The Riad Tile site is thoroughly modern and welcoming, using subdued but inviting web design to frame Riad Tile’s stimulating tile designs. The simple one pager style works brilliantly to display Riad’s offerings and personality. The site contains a home page, an ‘About’ section, a shop, installation notes, and a contact form, all without seeming too busy at all.


At MagicLamp, we build custom solutions to fit the specific needs to different businesses, and WooCommerce allows us the freedom needed to do so. Due to Riad Tile’s unique shipping methods, they required an ecommerce presence catered very specifically to them. WooCommerce gave us the ability to create a platform for Riad Tile that met all of their requirements and merged seamlessly with the rest of the site. Through WooCommerce, MagicLamp was able to craft an ecommerce presence that simplifies the purchase process, putting customers at ease.

Custom Freight Integration

Because of the weight and size of their shipments, Riad Tile cannot simply ship their products via UPS or FedEx. Because everything must be shipped by freight, Riad Tile wanted a way to help their customers calculate shipping costs, and MagicLamp was happy to oblige. We created a custom WordPress plugin that utilized a number of different parameters in order to provide the lowest possible shipping quote to customers upon checkout. By integrating this plugin to the WooCommerce, we were able to provide the high level of customer care that Riad Tile wanted.

Custom Samples

Riad Tile’s products are elegant and impressive, so they require the best possible showcasing in order to do them justice. MagicLamp worked to craft visual samples that demonstrate the excellent and unique qualities of each individual style. From Allegro to Zanzibar, MagicLamp’s WordPress design ensures that each tile is properly displayed to visitors.

Riad Tile obviously works hard to build the best and most beautiful products they can for their customers, so we made sure that their care and attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed. Through WordPress, we were able to craft a site that shows off Riad’s dedication to artistry, all while building a custom ecommerce presence to cater to the unique needs of Riad Tile and their customers.

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