Creating a Virtual Showroom: Lights Fantastic Pro

If there’s one thing we learned from working with Lights Fantastic Pro, it’s that high-quality lighting is fast-paced and nuanced industry. Keeping up with rapidly-changing trends is an important part of any lighting company, and the people at Lights Fantastic Pro have mastered the art of navigating and succeeding in the lighting industry. Working with what we learned about the lighting industry, MagicLamp set out to build Lights Fantastic Pro a cutting edge but comfortable web presence that would showcase their quality products and keep them in touch with ever-important design trends, all while retaining a high level of functionality so as to manage their expansive catalog. Making the most of our wide array of available tools, we were able to build a site that exceeded our expectations.

WordPress and WooCommerce

Working within WordPress continues to be one of the best decisions we can make when building high-performance websites. WordPress affords us a myriad tools and plugins that allow us to create fully customized and optimized websites, and when seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, Eccomerce really starts to take flight.

Lights Fantastic Pro’s website is designed specifically to fit their premium brand, with a tastefully simple appearance that doesn’t betray its functionality. It includes a large gallery to display the many uses of their lighting, an about page with information on their showroom, a vast catalog of products made simple through WooCommerce tools. All of this was done within a theme MagicLamp custom built for Lights Fantastic Pro.

Custom Theme and Mobile Support

With products as delicate and subtle as lighting, Lights Fantastic Pro and MagicLamp agreed that a custom theme was definitely in order to properly showcase their offerings. We worked to build a theme that enhanced the natural beauty of lighting while retaining a professional air.

Use of the custom theme also extended to mobile. By using a custom theme, we were able to carefully tailor the website’s mobile presence to fit Lights Fantastic Pro’s needs and style. Our mobile design transfers the style of the full web design to any phone, simplifying mobile browsing and shopping.

Catalog Management

Lights Fantastic Pro boasts a massive and varied catalog of different lights, ranging from industrial to small residential pieces, but with the flexibility of WordPress and WooCommerce, we created a fast and navigable catalog that makes Ecommerce easy. Through careful plugin choice, plugin optimization, and optimized load times, we were able to build a performance-oriented website that serves to bolster Ecommerce while retaining the elegance present within the lighting industry.

MagicLamp is proud to partner with Lights Fantastic Pro to help them take a new step in their business. Maintaining a solid web presence is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, so we work hard build and maintain quality websites for our clients. We’re excited to see the increases to Lights Fantastic Pro’s Ecommerce and web presence, and we look forward to everything the future holds for their business!


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