ABM – Account Based Marketing

We are marketing technologists who understand ABM.

What is ABM in a nutshell?

“Lead gen outside your target accounts is not appropriate for B2B midmarket most of the time, we don’t want to boil the ocean.”
 – Tom Judge, Direct Marketing Partners

How do I know that ABM is a fit for me?

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What do I need to do ABM?

  • Custom database and list builds through multiple sources
  • Creative to help you stand out
  • Outbound ABM Campaigns to get you recognized
  • Content Development to drive thought leadership
  • BDR/SDR Pool available for human nurturing
  • Attribution & conversion metrics flowing to your CRM Dashboards
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We work with your existing SDRs/BDRs or we can bring our own into the equation.

Outcome of Lead Gen model in midmarket B2B environments: MQLs don’t move to closed/won or Demand gen isn’t producing MQLs
  • More than just software
  • Familiar tactics, different strategy
  • Flip the funnel! Smarketing! Quote founder of Terminus a lot.
  • Post acquisition  (closed/won) capabilities – not just upsells! renewals drip? ABM ads to push customer satisfaction
  • We’re not than just implementers
  • Choose your own adventure for Personas
New top level outline:
  • Align Sales and Marketing
    • Define ICP and Identify Accounts
    • Get into their shoes with Personas and Buyer’s Journey
    • Expand accounts with more contacts
    • Sprints -> Think of the teams working together with weekly check-ins and goals
      • Intelligence can run in both directions
  • ABM Objectives
    • Schedule Meeting
    • BANT Qualification
    • Promote New Release
    • Thought Leadership
    • Demonstrating Value
    • Educate Solutions
    • Booth Visits
    • Communicating Benefits
    • Phone Conversation
    • Pre/During/Post Event
    • Form Fill
  • ABM Medium
    • eBook
    • Webinar
    • Newsletter
    • Targeted Social Post
    • Targeted LinkedIn Ads
    • Direct Mail
    • Retargeting Ads
    • Email Nurture
    • Email Blast
    • SDR LinkedIn Message
    • Fireside Chat
    • SDR Phone Call
    • Podcast
  • Campaign = Audience + Objective + Medium + Asset
    • 1:1 vs 1:few vs 1:many
    • By Funnel Stage:
      • Opp Velocity Campaigns
        White Papers, Case Studies, Customer Testimonials, ROI Calculation, eBooks, Direct Mail
      • Close Opp Campaigns
        Webinars, Case Studies, Blog Articles, Infographics, Customer Testimonials, Strategic Document, Implementation Guides, Training the Champion, Direct Mail
  • Content Marketing
    • Proven messaging: value/benefits/pain points
    • Create educational content
    • “Strategy = Content + Context + Channel” – Sangram Vajre, Founder of Terminus
    • SEO
    • Thought leadership
    • Promote and target on social media
    • Quantify & Test
    • Get Social Validation from Customer Success Team (you have a customer success team, don’t you?)
    • Providing air cover for SDRs, SEs and Closers with relevant and timely content
  • Technologies for ABM
    • Outbound
    • Inbound
    • ABM stack
  • Nurture, Qualify with BANT and Score
    • Interaction/Engagement
    • Maintain top-of-mind
    • Qualify
  • Metrics for Success
    • Revenue
    • Meetings booked
    • POC/Pilots started
  • See: Marketing Activities
    • Ads
    • Calls
    • Content Marketing
    • Direct Mail
    • Email Marketing
    • Events
    • Social Media
    • Webinars
    • Comarketing
    • PR
  • Source List Types mapping to Playbooks
    • Event
    • Pilot
    • Cold List
    • Winback
    • SEO
    • Ad
  • Campaign = Audience + Objective + Medium + Asset

An ABM Story

We held a zoom call with Sales leadership, the CMO and the one lone SDR. Together, over the course of an hour or so, we worked through what defines the Ideal Customer Profile and some base personas. The outcome of this call was knowing many things about the accounts we wanted: company size, specific industries and geographies, job titles, and even affinities like being good technology matches.

We then had our Data as a Service provider come back to us with 500 contacts, and with that, we started calling and emailing and targeting Linked In posts and campaigns directly at those 500 contacts and no one else. The Linked In campaigns were very expensive, but that is what happens when you have such a small audience size, but we did it, between all of it, we have 6 people engage with us and 2 even booked demo meetings through the SDR. The other 4 are in nurture campaigns based on their job title and industry.

After purchasing another 500 contacts, we proceeded to use even more ABM tactics on our database of 1000 people. It kicked off with inviting people to listen to educational podcasts that the product team had just produced via email and social. A curveball came at the Marketing Ops people: the call to action everywhere needed to change to: Join Our Webinar; as our Sales Engineers signed up for leading a calendar of webinars focusing on a number of pain points.

The webinar ended up with 120 registrations and 65 attendees, everyone was ecstatic! Follow up emails with shareable webinar-on-demand links went out with reminders for no-shows to still get in on the action by watching the replay. The SDR is starting to get traction with more people and through LinkedIn and other data sources is able to create Account maps: who the other decision makers are at a given company.

The RSM and one of the SEs that did the webinar let the Marketing team know that one of the booked meetings turned into a Pilot and RFP, in this same conversation, it comes to light that there is a pain point, universal at that, that Marketing missed and Sales hadn’t heard of. Marketing immediately starts working on new messaging and proving it out on social.

Marketing continues to pump out content that addresses all the personas: technical, operational and financial, separately, but with the same problem scope. This content gets a lot of click with the Ops personas but falls flat for CTOs and CFOs. In a weekly call between the Sales, SDR and Marking team, Sales posits a theory: the content for CFOs is needed once we get in the door, so air cover from Marketing, and the technical stuff probably could be shared as blog articles or videos and get more traction that posing it as a white paper.

Another 500 contacts is added to the database, and more and more meetings are getting booked. Sales is having problems getting through certain objections. Marketing comes up with a survey to prove out whether these objections are universal or not and the results come back pretty conclusively: this is a problem. Sales Engineers work with Marketing to provide a Case Study showing that we can really move past the objection, and within a week, Sales announces their first (of many) closed/won opp from the new ABM program.

It is possible to run both Demand Gen programs along with Account Based Marketing. ABM is geared towards flipping the funnel and focusing on accounts, rather than Lead Generation. Demand Generation is often the primary go to market strategy for many B2B companies, which depend on “boil the ocean” tactics to get the marketing message in front of people.

ABM can be a great compliment to Demand Gen because it helps you focus your message and get in front of the right people at the target accounts. By aligning your messaging and content with specific account targets, you are able to generate more qualified leads that are further down the funnel and more likely to convert.

In order to make sure that your Account Based Marketing program is successful, it is important to have the right tools and technology in place. A good account based marketing agency will help you target the right accounts, personalize your message, and track your progress.

If you’re looking for more information on how to get started with ABM, check out our free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about ABM, from strategy and planning to execution and results.

Click here to download the guide now! abm, account based marketing, demand generation

By aligning your Demand Generation programs with your overall business goals, you can create a powerful go-to-market strategy that will help you close more deals and grow your business.

If you’re looking for more information on how to get started with ABM, check out our free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about ABM, from strategy and planning to execution and measuring results.

> Is this contact in our list? They just filled out a form.

He is in our database for sure from the list B import from <other system> but he did not receive yesterday’s email as we didn’t send to list A, we sent to list B only.

With that said, we did email another contact at that same company yesterday, and he could have forwarded to Gus.

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