About Us

Accelerating revenue growth with account-based marketing strategies for B2B tech companies

Magic Lamp is all about results.

Go To Market Wins

Boot-strapped revenue for new business from zero to $1M annual sales

More Meetings Booked

Using ABM tactics and smarketing awareness, 4X more meetings were booked

No Shows Halved

Improved meeting attendance from 35% to 75% by coordinating marketing and sales efforts

Optimized Ad to Opps

Doubled qualified opportunities from Google Ads in 6 months without increasing ad spend

Immediate Revenue Growth

$279,000 in new pipeline from account-based marketing in the first 3 months

More Closed/Won Opps

Improved contracts closed per month though marketing air cover aligned with sales cycle

Our Story

We built our first websites in 1998 and launched ecommerce for a record label in 1999 that gave it the cash flow to expand rapidly. Magic Lamp’s first content management system was in use by 2001, preceding WordPress by 3 years with the mission of empowering non-technical people with the ability to update their websites without a coder. Now days, we use all these technical skills to drive digital marketing and more to grow revenue for our clients.

Our clear mission: be the indispensable technology ally that businesses need, helping them master digital rather than struggle with it. Today, Magic Lamp is more than an agency. We’re architects of demand, facilitators of meetings, and aligners of well-qualified accounts.

Our story continues, with each problem we solve and each success we achieve with our clients. Join us as we redefine B2B marketing. Welcome to Magic Lamp!


Our Core Values

At the heart of MagicLamp, our principles aren’t just words. They’re our compass–guiding our decisions, steering our interactions, shaping the experiences we create for our clients.


We share the good, the bad, and the ugly. We value honesty and integrity. It’s the only way great things get done.


Everything we do, we do with a purpose. We want to clearly and definitively effect your bottom line


We leverage our experience to guide clients to the best approach for the best outcome, while always having options available.


We only do things we truly believe will benefit our clients. We treat their business as our own.

Our Team

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

& Marketect

As the sage behind Magic Lamp, Jason's innovative blend of marketing and technology lights the way for businesses navigating the digital landscape."

Maven Wenninger

Maven Wenninger

Prompt Engineer

Jeff Goodfellow

Jeff Goodfellow

Head of Data Strategy & Operations

An ROI conjurer and metrics wizard, Jeff expertly leverages marketing automation and CRM tools while crafting attribution dashboards that capture key marketing insights.

Jasmine Ikhreishi

Jasmine Ikhreishi

Full Stack Developer

Heather Sposeto

Heather Sposeto

Senior Project Manager

Blending account management with project execution, Heather is the fuel that drives business growth while crafting unforgettable client experiences.

Jennica Watson

Jennica Watson

Quality Assurance Lead

Joshua Norvelle

Joshua Norvelle

Director of User Experience

In the intersection of creativity and technology, Josh is the compass guiding towards exceptional user experiences and innovative design.

Lee Casaccio

MarTech Engineering

John Wenninger

John Wenninger


A magician of the web, John transforms concepts into dynamic, performance-optimized, and user-friendly websites that dominate search engine rankings.

Natasha Grad

Marketing Data Analyst