Web Development Staff

Jason Robinson: CEO MarTech Architect

Jason has been developing websites and web applications since 1998 and has launched over 100 sites. Jason’s areas of expertise include PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, XML/HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. Jason is also fluent in SQL for mySQL and Microsoft SQL Server software. Jason has written many articles about web design, usability, web development, and search engine optimization, always with a focus on achieving results and business objectives.

John Wenninger: Director of Engineering

Accomplished freelance web developer and associate degree graduate in computer science specializing in client/server relations with over 15 years of experience performing architectural design, implementation, and testing of enterprise-level systems. Utilizing leading edge technologies as well as proven and tested methodologies enables me to maximize efficiency and output while maintaining a high standard of quality. I am proficient in languages such as PHP, C#, and VBScript, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, and have a firm grasp on current HTML, CSS Standards. I write custom plugins for WordPress, create custom e-commerce flows, and enhance the presentation of dynamic content, in order to consistently exceed set client goals, ensure the highest level of service, and advance organizational objectives.

Joshua Norvelle: Creative Director

Josh brings the expertise to power our clients’ online visuals and interactions. He holds an AAS in e-Business Web Development as well as certificates in Interactive Web Programming, Web Commerce, and e-Business Media Development. Josh is now pursuing a BA in Communication Design at the University of North Texas. Adept in many CMS platforms, HTML, CSS, and Javascript/Jquery, Josh creates clean, user-friendly front end designs that are current with the latest web standards.

Hayden Erwin

Content Cowboy

Jasmine Ikhreishi

Full Stack Developer

Maven Wenninger

Content Wrangler

Jennica Watson

Quality Assurance Lead

Costa Maravell

Sys Admin

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