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Out of the ethos of cyberspace comes the future of your company. Like so many businesses before yours, everything’s riding on the level of vision, expertise and programming skills of the web team you hire [to create the online presence of your company’s brand].

As MagicLamp’s clients can tell you, it’s not just about looking pretty when you’re done. It’s about all the ‘ugly’ that gets efficiently dealt with to create a website that performs its tasks consistently without error, and visually engages the site visitor to navigate and click to buy the product or service you’re selling.

In MagicLamp’s home market of Dallas (DFW), so many of its ecommerce clients have experienced the satisfaction and confidence of knowing their sites are well designed and fully functional. And their sales revenues have increased on average by 30 to 50%. This is typical of MagicLamp’s clients in other locales as well.­

Some of the things MagicLamp does is:

  • Complete site customization to make it do whatever you need it to do
  • Include an accessible Content Management System (CMS) for your site and train your team to use it, so you can change out content and products whenever you want
  • Optimize your site for Google and other search engines to give you better rankings in search results
  • Create web applications or websites that extend your workflow capability onto the web with integration of other online services and API
  • Optimize site functionality for eCommerce or Content/Lead Generation
  • Utilize Flash-free HTML5 to make your pages faster loading and responsive with no-refresh navigation needed
  • Enhance your site’s ability to display correctly on mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad, including tablet orientation awareness
  • Integrate video playback with MP4 and movie file conversion for interactive content and viewing
  • Adapt targeted portal functionality into your website for use by partners, distributors, customers, or your own internal staff

The full spectrum of our programming competencies is something only available at the top of our industry. From basic blogs to complex product personalization interfaces and customized intranet portal systems, our site development skills also include creating sites that support large-scale commercial infrastructures, ERP/EDI systems and mainframes. All your business processes needing to be online will go “live” according to your specifications to our team.

This includes us configuring your site to automatically interact with other sites and online resources so that Twitter feeds, Facebook applications, UPS and FedEx real-time shipping quotes, Google services and secure credit card processing sync correctly.

Accomplishing this means that we help you:

  • Assess your business needs quickly and accurately
  • Identify what sets you apart from the competition
  • Communicate your unique profile in ways that make clients listen
  • Give you the most effective custom tools for marketing your specific products or services

And we’ll accomplish this with a visually compelling site that performs as you need it to based on the way you already get things done. Whether working in tandem with your own in-house developer or as a solo designer, MagicLamp will deliver the site mapping expertise and standout graphics to contain all the tasks, functions and visual heat needed to elevate your site above the competition.

So, in preparation for the work ahead, here’s a checklist of input items MagicLamp will need your help with to successfully attract and capture the right client and transact business according to your current workflow standards:

  • What is your website’s target audience vs. its actual audience?
  • Who uses the information your site will present?
  • What Is your site’s purpose? Is it strictly an add-on to your existing brick and mortar identity or are you wanting to expand and deepen your market reach?
  • What are the specific goals you want your site to accomplish? List them along with the purpose of each.
  • Which information and data will best inform the site’s users and the web developers as to what your company’s domain is about?
  • What are the limitations or inhibiting factors of the elements your site needs to include?
  • What is your wish list for how your site presents itself and interacts with your customers?

Remember, functionality is everything. It’s the difference between happy customers and frustrated ones. So, please help us help you with getting your company’s best virtual self online.

MagicLamp is committed to creating for your company a complete web presence that will enhance your brand and win greater opportunities for increasing your ROI. It’s how we measure our success.

As we’ve consistently raised sales for a whole roster of ecommerce clients through our web development, both in Dallas and beyond, we look forward to helping your company become a successful global web player in your market. MagicLamp is just a phone call away.

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