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Magic Lamp knows this space so well, we can predict what your future ABM program will look like.

Our approach to AI/ML is different because we understand differences in the marketing of ecosystem plays, SaaS, and supporting services like ingestion

  • We specialize in B2B
  • Primary KPI: Revenue
  • We know how to market Stacks and Platforms
  • Right benefits to the right person at the right time
"Magic Lamp transformed our Marketing from Lead Gen to ABM and got us results in less than 6 months. " -- Jane Doe

Why ABM makes sense for AI/ML companies

  • Just like you classify data for encoding, we do analysis on your markets and buyers to create classifications to drive engagement
  • Messaging and content changes dramatically by persona (Data Scientist vs Operations vs IT)
  • Familiar tactics, different strategy because the pond is smaller
  • ABM loves events and webinars – which is where you shine!
  • You aren’t burning money on Lead Gen that doesn’t give you Opps that close
  • Spend more sales and marketing time and energy on accounts that are more likely to close

Benefits of ABM for AI/ML

  • Surround sound means people aren’t asking who you are in internal meetings
  • Egos soothed through thought leadership
  • Investors happier with closed/won opp numbers
  • We are positioned to help you grow for the next 5 years
  • Quote from client that addresses paint point

What does a Pilot Program look like?

  • 25-50 accounts
  • 3-8 contacts per account
  • MarTech stack setup
  • Emails, phone calls and LinkedIn outreach
  • 30+ touches per contact
  • KPIs: Meetings Attended and Opps closed/won

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