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Texas-sized vision is what you need to compete in today’s ecommerce market. At MagicLamp that’s what you’ll get.

And you’ll also get Texas-sized commitment to create and build a superior website that visually attracts and engages site visitors to then click and buy your products or services. For our Texas clients and others, this has translated into an increased ROI of 30 to 50%.

MagicLamp’s the “go to” technology partner you want to develop your site’s look and performance to give optimum speed and consistency with locked in visuals and reliable interactivity.

MagicLamp’s responsive WordPress designs will:

  • Maximize the cutting edge use of algorithms and interactive features
  • Showcase your unique products and services within the context of your company’s style and branding
  • Optimize through Mailchimp, pop-ups and slide-in features for opportunities to acquire site visitors’ personal information and product preferences
  • Properly secure all inventory functions and credit card transactions

Depending on your site’s functional complexity, launching it can take six months to a year of steady development. MagicLamp’s team has the experience and the endurance to work with your web developer – or fly solo – to see that your site is finished the right way, no matter how much work it takes to bring all the elements together.

Whether you’re looking for a standard or more upscale website, MagicLamp professionally layers all desired components and features into a beautifully fluid, intuitively responsive environment for the site visitor to learn about your company and make purchases.

MagicLamp’s key development tasks include:

  • Sorting and categorizing your company’s entire product inventory using tags that will register in search engine results
  • Implementing customer interfaces with opportunities to leave comments, share, and write reviews on your products and services
  • Delivering professional and polished ecommerce listings, and interactive product pages featuring slideshows and video tours with high definition photos and imagery
  • Enabling the integration of a client’s web store with easy shares of its products and marketing campaigns via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Upon completion of your site, MagicLamp will continue to support and monitor your site’s level of functionality. We’ll build, refine and sometimes even revolutionize your online purchasing system to achieve optimum ROI. Using tools like faceted classification (cross-indexing of product attributes), adaptable merchandising that permits running specials or adjusting prices, individualized content management systems and from-the-ground-up design, MagicLamp gives you business-specialized site control. These types of services do not exist in generic web packages.

Some of the site elements we include:

  • Custom WordPress plug-ins and, for online shopping carts, installed WooCommerce toolkits on already established WordPress websites
  • Use of HTML5 in MagicLamp’s eShop designs for the fastest and most responsive online shopping experience possible
  • Customizing of layouts and themes and everything within your eStore, including how orders are tracked and how shipping notifications are delivered
  • Use of highly encrypted security protocols for secure credit card processing and privacy of all customer info

Whatever is needed after your website’s launch, MagicLamp is just a phone call away. We stand behind our artistic and technological capability to elevate your site above any external programming roadblocks or restrictions. And we also will deliver for you a site that performs according to the way you’re already doing business. No need to change how the work gets performed or tracked. MagicLamp will make sure your site complements your company’s workflow without complicating it. Remember, our goal is the same as yours – to achieve increased ROI with a site that gives you a marketing reach on a global scale. That’s our proof that we’ve done our job well.

Included in MagicLamp’s current roster of clients are fashion designers, clothing companies, commercial agriculture, health services, information data management and storage, paper and barbecue products just to name a few. Some of these companies have partnered with our services for over five years due to the level of success they’ve experienced. These ecommerce sites are for clients both local to Texas and in the New York and L.A. markets.

But no matter where your company is located, the beauty of a website is that its character and look are not limited by brick and mortar appearances or geographical location. That freedom for your company to become its best virtual self is key to what MagicLamp’s design of your website offers you and, in turn, your online visitors.

MagicLamp is ready to capture for you – wherever you are – the same expansive, varied marketing opportunities that will keep us your “GoTo” web designer as well.

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