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eCommerce Web Design Showcase:
10 Years of Groundbreaking Web Sites

Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony website’s flexible merchandising system represents a new paradigm in web design. With MagicLamp, websites don’t have to be locked into static grids or layouts. Opening Ceremony’s site has the creative flexibility of a dynamic upscale window display.
Opening Ceremony’s retail section features up-to-the-minute inventory updates and full integration with the company’s POS and inventory systems.
Opening Ceremony’s lookbooks are integrated directly into the site, allowing OC to market multiple items together as one “look,” offering an alternative way of upselling and engaging more customers.
ODIN New York
ODIN offers upscale menswear through their carefully curated website. This high-fashion retailer specializes in independent, up-and-coming labels. The site design's minimalist aesthetic allows ODIN's striking product images to speak for themselves, while precise typographic treatments add styled flair. Inclusion in the site's product catalog often propels new designers into their own high-profile careers.
To offer ODIN the freedom they needed to present a fresh, immediate image and showcase frequent new arrivals, MagicLamp designed a CMS that gives the staff autonomous control of their own content and merchandising. ODIN creates a new look for their own front page several times a week. ODIN New York is an elegant example of how a simple-looking front and back end design can be crafted to streamline ordering and delivery into one smooth process.
Duraflame's site automatically identifies mobile users and offers them an experience optimized for iPads and iPhones.The Duraflame site's Where to Buy feature allows customers to find specific retail products at the closest store.
MagicLamp Networks designed a fully integrated Facebook application, Roasting Logs, for Duraflame to connect with customers through social media. The interactive app provides a seamless platform where Facebook users can find product information, locate stores, share their own recipes, read blog reviews, enter sweepstakes, and sign up for coupons. Since developing the Facebook App, Duraflame's fan base has grown rapidly.
An integration with a third-party national marketing company allows Duraflame not only to offer special online coupons, but also to limit the number of coupons an individual may print out and use.
GREI. New York
Who knew the color gray could be so attention-getting and stylishly compelling? GREI knew and MagicLamp's web design shows off the store's beautifully tactile, rich selection of hand-dyed apparel through its first time use of WooCommerce's open source platform. The pull down menus of apparel items for both men and women make items easy to view and order either by gender or item category. MagicLamp has further enhanced GREI's website with tightly integrated MailChimp and email marketing, including slide-in signup options to receive its newsletter and sales event announcements. UPS label printing is also available in the admin area.
Matter’s navigation menus function without refreshing, allowing faster page access and a smoother, more visually continuous experience.
In addition to MagicLamp’s standard UPS integration with real time shipping quotes, the site adapts to the way Matter’s particular business works by calculating freight costs and handling fees for appropriate items. Matter’s product display pages not only allow customers to select the number of products they view per page, but also features an option to adjust the number of columns in each page’s grid layout, changing the size of product images and the atmosphere of the page.
Matter staff can directly upload and associate PDF files with products, allowing customers to see precise measurements and details of each product.
Judy Joo
A delicious scroll of a site, judyjoo.com showcases the Cooking Channel’s celebrity chef Judy Joo and her many culinary ventures, most notably her cookbook “Korean Food Made Simple” with an immediate pop-up option to order it, and her Jinjuu restaurants in London and Hong Kong. MagicLamp’s parallax Wordpress design then flows between these callout accomplishments and YouTube videos of her appearances on the Cooking Channel and Food Network, where she demonstrates the ease of creating Korean cuisine, most notably the versatile and popular national dish of Kimchi as well as other exotic but simple to prepare recipes. The visual sampling ends with a slide show of Chef Joo in her travels and on set for an understated yet memorable visit to her passion for Korean cuisine.
Regency Yachts
Chartering a yacht becomes a much more casual, desirable option upon viewing Regency Vacation's new website. MagicLamp has created an atmosphere of clear water sea adventure with its top scrolling of on board deckside moments and a lower screen offering videos of specific yacht cruise features. Beautifully fluid, interactive elements and pop-up windows give all the details of how to select the right boat and crew, and how to estimate cost and other considerations to make a yacht cruise the vacation of a lifetime.
Cowboy Charcoal
The great outdoors never looked so good from the surface of a barbecue grill! MagicLamp's design for Cowboy Charcoal's home page has a side scrolling display that sumptuously showcases dishes from Cowboy's Roundup recipe blog as well as its product lines and upcoming events. Above these is a menu bar to help locate product retailers and options to buy online. The bottom half of Cowboy's home page provides an integrated link to Cowboy's YouTube channel with videos on grilling's best practices and charcoal selection, and a newsletter signup. MagicLamp also thought to put a clickable print option next to the name of each recipe on Cowboy's blog, and clickable foodie tiles for sharing on Instagram. Sharing on Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, Facebook and Twitter is also available. Looks like MagicLamp's site for Cowboy Charcoal will make its visitors totally at home on the range – er, grill!
At Triggerspot.com the visuals online are somewhat sketchy considering its business is about gaming and digital media content. MagicLamp’s Wordpress design makes the best of this by offering hands holding a game controller dissolving to a whiteboard with a map of diagrams and bullet points of what the company provides for its clients: access to faster market traction through its ability to accelerate industry attention and attraction of talent and partnerships. It’s a lot to wrap one’s head around, but MagicLamp breaks it down visually with clean standout headings and highlights of how the consultancy’s team utilize their collective experience to form an impressive cross-platform of expertise for their clients. The proof? Click on Triggerspot’s “Our Clients” tab to see the heavy hitter logos the team has assisted previously. Not too shabby!
Wheatridge Manufacturing
Customization is the name of “what’s up?” at Wheatridge Manufacturing. MagicLamp’s Wordpress site in a cool shade of steel blue wastes no time getting to the heart of Wheatridge’s specialty: taking a factory-produced truck or other work vehicle and customizing it to that company’s specs. Or starting from scratch and fabricating a truck cab for a customer-provided chassis like it’s currently doing for Custard Core Supply. MagicLamp keeps things simple with a responsive banner of headings leading you into the site’s home page where clickable photo frames for “Capabilities & Services” and “Latest News” bring up separate pages. Each page gives a breakdown of Wheatridge’s manufacturing capabilities to customize vehicles for the jobs needing to be done, and a little bit about the process and equipment used. Other site features include a Mailchimp option to get a quote, or request to be contacted by the company. No doubt both these options will keep things rolling!
Jack Bell Properties
MagicLamp has created a beautiful, seamless one-stop shop for apartment dwellers looking to relocate in downtown Denton. Jack Bell Properties features six apartment complexes here whose facades celebrate the historical attributes of living in downtown Denton. The responsive Wordpress design allows apartment shoppers to do a comparison of curb appeal for the properties via the home page photo presentation that includes a slideshow and clickable frames for each property. After clicking on a property’s photo, the site visitor has a choice of applying online as well as taking a video walkthrough tour of a unit at that property to eliminate the usual hassle of trekking from location to location. For those who become renters, there’s a clickable renter portal tab to pay rent, request service, etc. Renting is one less hassle away with all this site offers.
Right away you see there's hearing help at HearUSA. The image of a grandfather playing guitar with his grandson infers a promise of hearing correction and then connection. Other images also carry the message that good hearing enhances the quality of one's life. With pop-up lightboxes and interactive links throughout the home page, MagicLamp gives visitors options to find a local HearUSA provider as well as options for scheduling appointments, receiving literature and providing detailed information on different types of hearing devices. MagicLamp's user-friendly navigation and the site's warm-hearted tone makes hearing loss a little less isolating and formidable.
How do you get heard all across America? Come to HearXpress, a hearing aid mail order house, and be connected to a network of over 2,000 service providers for free hearing tests and proper fitting. MagicLamp features HearXpress’s 800 number in several places to facilitate finding a local service provider. On the company’s home page, MagicLamp displays a slide show of current discounts mixed with customers’ testimonials, HearXpress’ service guarantee and a risk-free 45-day trial offer to use a set of advanced digital hearing aids. The display then scrolls vertically with clickable lightboxes of other HearXpress discounts and coupons, and the free hearing check via its network of participating specialists such as HearUSA, etc. Currently the online test option is not available. MagicLamp’s other interactive options include visual and price comparisons of available hearing aids, info on hearing loss plus a free Buyer’s Guide and available financing programs. At the end, HearXpress had MagicLamp place a Consumer Reports reminder about getting a professional prescription and fitting, and a cautionary note that hearing aids may cause harm to your hearing without proper professional fitting. Being heard – it’s all about listening.
MagicLamp's made it easier for companies looking for B2B/IT analytic infrastructure to access the billing help and data management they need for themselves and their customers. Through use of key terms like "backup management", "data storage", etc., MagicLamp has created for APTARE the high traffic volume worthy of its Fortune 50 status, and its singularly unique StorageConsole 10, "the industry's only independent, open and extensible IT analytics platform". Information on these capabilities is navigable and accessible from both a desktop and mobile device without forfeiting any key elements. Even peripheral content like white papers and data sheets can be clearly displayed. The home page design for APTARE reflects the company's uniqueness through its successful application of parallax scrolling effects and video backgrounds. And the whole site was completed within 45 days!
Alicia VF
Ethereal, fluid, intuitive design gently showcases the work of Alicia Van Fleteren at Aliciavf.com. MagicLamp has kept the site’s color decibel down to match the tone of the artist’s palette of her jewelry creations. This customized Wordpress ecommerce site highlights the one of a kind nature of Alicia’s necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Clickable tab headers in muted tones lead the visitor to shop online or find info on which stores feature her work as well as more about the artist and the jewelry itself. Blog, press and contact tabs are also given. Visitors can view each jewelry category separately which then displays each item in its own frame with a description and price. As a shopping bonus, MagicLamp added a clickable zoom button that travels and allows the viewer to see closeup each inch and element of a piece. Beautiful!
Signing Exact English
SEE (Signing Exact English) now gives a helping hand online in teaching the hearing and English language-impaired. With the online version of SEE’s dictionary, MagicLamp has designed a straightforward home page with clickable titles on the banner bar that lead to an About page that explains the difference between SEE and ASL methods of sign language; a Testimonial page that shares users’ family success stories; a Join page for subscribing with a discount for multiple subscribers on one account; and a Contact and Account page for informational purposes. Once a subscription has been purchased, MagicLamp has equipped the site with interior functions that provide a transcriber feature for English sentences and phrases, and video displays of signing techniques. The site also offers extensive printing capabilities of signs for books, posters, flash cards, etc. MagicLamp has now created global access to SEE.
Anderson ECD
“Just the parts, man” seems to be the mantra for Anderson ECD’s website. And other than a little company background info on this Silicon Valley multi-franchised distributor of quartz crystals, oscillators and resonators for high tech electronics and, of course, options to order or be contacted, that’s all there is - except for a neon glow framing the site’s pages. MagicLamp’s WordPress site handles Anderson’s mindbogglingly extensive inventory with responsive ecommerce efficiency, providing three search features for part numbers: a generic one in the upper right corner, one for a “Shop Online” to determine availability before signing in and ordering, and a “search by manufacturer” window on the right side of the home and product pages, which are identical in content and layout. Orders can also be placed after logging in by clicking on the “Cart” tab directly. Straight up and easy ordering!
Pas De Deux
MagicLamp clearly establishes the elegance and upscale nature of Pas De Deux’s ballet-inspired ecommerce offerings of ethereal bridal fashion, and a pop-up box for subscribing to its newsletter. Social media icons allow sharing of the gowns. Although the gowns are custom and not clickable for order online, MagicLamp provides a tab for contacting Pas De Deux directly as well as a stockist tab with the several stores currently featuring its bridal fashion line. MagicLamp has also included an events tab and gallery page of press releases showcasing other bridal websites where Pas De Deux’s fashions have appeared. The resulting coverage is a fabulous visual feast of not only Pas De Deux’s bridal fashions, but also a cross link to featured photographers, jewelry and other accessories used in each bridal show. For those brides with memories of wearing a Pas De Deux gown, the label invites them to share and be featured on the “Our Brides” page. Classically beautiful!
Sonic Training
Keeping pace with workplace technology and the programs required to do that is a never ending challenge for today’s companies and workers. MagicLamp’s site design for Sonic Training provides a clickable banner menu with tabs for the types of training and help offered by Sonic. Just below on the left side is a lightbox slideshow of testimonials and title slides of learning services offered. Other lightboxes feature certification and specific training options available at one of Sonic’s facilities, or at the company’s location. Live streamed webinars are also an option for some classes. On the right side, MagicLamp’s layout allows the visitor to access the custom scheduling database via an info screen asking for the closest city and state to where the training needs to occur. This is followed by Quick Links allowing the visitor to navigate to the other pages relevant to the type of service or training needed. Training access made at the speed of Sonic!
Once again MagicLamp applies its organizational expertise and unites Vuports’ refurbished, used and new video conferencing equipment, software, infrastructure and accessories into a cohesively interactive custom ecommerce site. MagicLamp keeps it simple with a top bar of main headings featuring pull down menus, followed by a slideshow of equipment specials and clickable photos for specific equipment brands that take you to their interior pages of available stock. The lower portion of the home page displays web specials and gives standard information and support links within the site. Also featured is a news blog on the right of the site with Vuport’s latest business interactions and activities. MagicLamp’s got Vuports’ ecommerce site looking good!
ODIN Fragrance
If it were already possible to have scent-filled websites, Odin would be the premiere "go to" site. In fact, the sensual visuals of the fragrances along with the exotic descriptions of their contents almost make it cruel that it isn't. MagicLamp's seductively simple product pages feature both the Black Line and White line of Odin's fragrances, eau de parfums and votives, and makes shopping a breeze. From the home page with its left scrolling display of each product line to the pop up descriptions and "add item" feature on each individual product under the "Shop" tab, MagicLamp makes shopping here a pleasurable experience.
Graytex Papers
Organizing paper is never pretty – unless it's on Graytex's website. This is where MagicLamp has taken piles of it, all types, sizes and purposes of paper and added order and access, including product guides for discerning which paper type is best for a project. Here customers can find the exact type of paper needed, the desired finish (plain, matte, soft or high gloss) and, last but not least, the correct size for the internal or external use of the paper chosen. Whether displaying their company's print persona in a high quality brochure or creating water and tear-resistant drawings and schematics to be used on a worksite, customers will quickly locate the exact paper they need. MagicLamp's organization of Graytex extensive inventory of available papers, including some HP products, make choosing paper a whole lot less challenging and, yes, even pretty.
MagicLamp helped PosePrints realize their business vision by creating a site where customers can completely personalize their own caricature images to appear on a wide variety of stationery, including e-cards, wedding programs, facebook profile pictures, and magnets. PosePrints’ site has numerous landing pages and each is search engine optimized. A variety of different keyword searches will point potential clients directly to the most relevant page, with content and images targeted to the specific keyword search the visitor used. PosePrints’ administrators use their Content Management System to easily switch out targeted text, images, keywords, and phrases to ensure landing pages’ visibility in web searches and make them inviting to new and returning customer. MagicLamp created the PosePrints blog’s custom WordPress template, allowing site managers to share current posts in a way that fits the site’s specific needs.
Minimalist Golf Swing

The minimalist golf swing website opens with an enticing picture of a golf course and asks the question, Want to be a better golfer? This is exactly what they offer the user. To learn about the swing itself and purchase lessons to become a better golfer.

The Minimalist Golf Swing System (MGSS) includes the full-swing (Minimalist Golf Swing – MGS), plus the basic pitch/bunker, chip and putt strokes. The MGS places the body in position to deliver the club at maximum speed, from an inside path and at a shallow angle. Together that translates to better distance direction and trajectory. It is the only golf swing to reduce backswing movement in order to cut out inconsistency, and also positions the joints according to their design-capabilities so that there is less scope for injury. It has been developed based on 27 years of experience teaching golfers of all skill levels, plus an extensive academic graduate-level background of almost 6 years, in all aspects of human movement (kinesiology).This section also introduces the teaching professional, Kiran Kanwar, who came up with the golf swing and is behind the lessons provided in this website.

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